Copenhagen scientists – the top 50 on social media in 2019

Who are the most popular scientists in the Greater Copenhagen area?

If you define popularity as ‘social media following’ then the 50 scientists on this new ranking might give you a good idea.

I am proud to present a new Mike Young Academy ranking, using a new methodology. This first iteration focusses on active scientists and researchers in the Greater Copenhagen / Øresund region.

Many scientists embrace the use of social media to disseminate their research, and to network with other scientists. They argue that the platforms extend their reach, let them discuss research with international peers, and serve as a catalyst for inspiration. Scientists and researchers are often supported in this by their affiliated university institutions, that strive to improve their own brand among stakeholders, other scientists and institutions, and the wider public.

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are ideal for researchers and scientists, as they make it easy to network with niche audiences in highly specialized fields throughout the world.

This new ranking is calculated from the number of Twitter followers and LinkedIn followers (note, not connections, but followers) and the plan is to update it once a year.

If you scroll down, this article gives you an overview of who you should follow if you want to follow the Copenhagen scientists that everyone else … apparently … is following!

I have written about the methodology of my new ranking, that I have christened the ‘TwiLi Index’ pronounced like ‘twilight’ without a ‘t’, here.

this … gives you an overview of who you should follow if you want to follow the scientists that everyone else … apparently … is following!

Are you not on the list?

This is the first time I try to map out the social media field of scientists and researchers in Copenhagen. It is based on part-manually extracted data (see methodology here) and I may have missed some active scientists and researchers who have large followings. If you know someone who should be on this list, (maybe you!), please write below in the comments, or write to

My sincere thanks and appreciation go to Lasse Hjorth Madsen, Atlanta Young and Andreas Junge for feedback and help with this project!

The 2019 TwiLi Index (updated)

So here it is. This year’s top 50 Copenhagen scientists on social media as ranked on my TwiLi index! (Latest data collected 31 August – 1 September 2019 – more about the methodology here)

1 – Marcel Bogers – UCPH

Full Professor @ku_ifro @science_ku @uni_copenhagen & Research Fellow @GarwoodCenter @BerkeleyHaas @UCBerkeley — PhD:@EPFL MSc:@TUeindhoven — RT≠endorsement

Tw. followers: 8880, LI followers: 3526, TwiLi index: 14.01

Follow Marcel Boger’s Twitter account here:

2 – Alireza Dolatshahi – DTU

Asst. Prof DTU Nanotech (Denmark), TEDMED2015 Scholar #StemCellBioengineering#FlexibleMaterials#MobileDisplays#TissueEngineering#Biomaterials#Nanomaterials# 

Tw. followers: 2168, LI followers: 11954, TwiLi index: 13.60

Follow Alireza Dolatshahi’s Twitter account here:

3 – Kristian Thorborg – UCPH

Sportsphysiotherapist, Ass. Professor, Ph.D. Special interest in hip, groin, hamstring and knee injuries. HAGOS developer. @IntFSPT Vice President

Tw. followers: 13900, LI followers: 1567, TwiLi index: 13.24

Follow Kristian Thorborg’s Twitter account here:

4 – Henning Langberg – UCPH

Sundhedsdata – professor (link:  KU 🎓og CEO Data Redder Liv CHC💡data, sundhed og kunstig intelligens ☎️ foredrag 26127913 MBA, CBS Excecutive bestyrelsesudd

Tw. followers: 1730, LI followers: 7290, TwiLi index: 12.51

Follow Henning Langberg’s Twitter account here:

5 – Rebecca Adler-Nissen- UCPH

Professor of Political Science. International relations in theory and practice, EU, diplomacy, digital technologies, social media and everything in between…,

Tw. followers: 4854, LI followers: 1441, TwiLi index: 11.65

Follow Rebecca Adler-Nissen’s Twitter account here:

6 – David Budtz Pedersen – AAU

Professor of Impact Studies | Head of Research | Velux Foundation’s Humanomics Research Centre | Aalborg University. Tweets about #scipolicy #impact #SSH

Tw. followers: 2699, LI followers: 2416, TwiLi index: 11.61

Follow David Budtz Pedersen’s Twitter account here:

7 – Sune Auken – UCPH

Ally, cheerleader, content accumulator, supporting cast member. Tweets on #genre and stuff. @Grundtvig scholar; pastor’s wife and father of four. #ClimateChange

Tw. followers: 11100, LI followers: 724, TwiLi index: 11.57

Follow Sune Auken’s Twitter account here:

8 – Hakim Abdi – UCPH

Postdoc in remote sensing. Researching carbon cycle, image classification, landscape ecology, climate & drought impacts | Part-time Birder | Full-time Dad

Tw. followers: 4547, LI followers: 1174, TwiLi index: 11.23

Follow Hakim Abdi’s Twitter account here:

9 – M.V. Rasmussen – UCPH

Tweets about a world in the making – in English as well as på dansk. Teaches strategy and security at University of Copenhagen. RTs not endorsements.

Tw. followers: 2782, LI followers: 1740, TwiLi index: 11.16

Follow M.V. Rasmussen’s Twitter account here:

10 – Ravinder Kaur – UCPH

Histories of Global Transformations in the 20-21st C

Tw. followers: 934, LI followers: 4498, TwiLi index: 10.85

Follow Ravinder Kaur’s Twitter account here:

11- Akos T. Kovacs – DTU

Professor at DTU Bioengineering – Bacterial Biofilms, Laboratory Evolution, Sociomicrobiology, Bacteria-Fungi interaction; Senior Editor of ‘Biofilms’ (gold OA)

Tw. followers: 5391, LI followers: 806 , TwiLi index: 10.85

Follow Akos T. Kovacs’ Twitter account here:

12 – Mikkel Flyverbom – CBS

Professor mso, Director of Digital Transformations Platform & BSc in Digital Management at Copenhagen Business School

Tw. followers: 1103, LI followers: 3330, TwiLi index: 10.72

Follow Mikkel Flyverbom’s Twitter account here:

13 – Carlos Henríquez O. – UCPH

Ph.D, Section of Molecular Physiology- NEXS, University of Copenhagen #ExerciseMetabolism #InsulinAction #RedoxSignaling

Tw. followers: 1603, LI followers: 1984, TwiLi index: 10.57

Follow Carlos Henriquez Olguin’s Twitter account here:

14 – Katherine Richardson – UCPH

Prof. in Biol. Oceanography, Leader Sustainability Science Centre, Univ. Copenhagen

Tw. followers: 1313, LI followers: 2307, TwiLi index: 10.49

Follow Katherine Richardson’s Twitter account here:

15 – Cristina Legido-Quigley – Steno

Scientist. Head of Systems Medicine @StenoDiabetes  A/Prof @KingsCollegeLon #Metabolomics #Lipidomics Chemistry in #Brain
& #Liver 4 Healthy Aging #WomeninSTEM

Tw. followers: 2111 , LI followers: 1422, TwiLi index: 10.49

Follow Cristina Legido-Quigley ‘s Twitter account here:

16 – Jesper Falkheimer – Lund

Director Research, Collaboration, Innovation and Professor in Strategic Communication, Lund University. All tweets are personal.

Tw. followers: 1332, LI followers: 2232, TwiLi index: 10.47

Follow Jesper Falkheimer’s Twitter account here:

17 – Carsten Rahbek – UCPH

Professor and Director of the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, University of Copenhagen & Professor of Macroecology, Imperial College, London.

Tw. followers: 2066 , LI followers: 1432 , TwiLi index: 10.47

Follow Carsten Rahbek’s Twitter account here:

18 – Rune Møller Stahl – UCPH

Lecturer in Pol.Sci @ Copenhagen Uni. Bylines at @informeren and @jacobinmag. Tweets are never own opinion, always objective truth

Tw. followers: 2590, LI followers: 1092 , TwiLi index: 10.37

Follow Rune Møller Stahl’s Twitter account here:

19 – Michael Christiansen – UCPH

Professor, chief physician. #genomics, #cardiac #psychiatry, #fetal
#publichealth Statens Serum Institut & Copenhagen University. Tweets are mine and only mine.

Tw. followers: 3366, LI followers: 865 , TwiLi index: 10.36

Follow Michael Christiansen’s Twitter account here:

20 – Stephen Woroniecki – Lund

PhD #ClimateChange Adaptation #NatureBasedSolutions & #Justice. Love Sci-fi, electronic music and this pale blue dot ð

Tw. followers: 6742, LI followers: 505, TwiLi index: 10.36

Follow Stephen Woroniecki’s Twitter account here:

21 – Roberto Flore – DTU

Manager of DTU SKYLAB FOODLAB / I have a vision and i’m on a journey / Hands-on future of food, Food-tech, innovation and sustainability. SDG champion

Tw. followers: 1626, LI followers: 1612, TwiLi index: 10.30

Follow Roberto Flore’s Twitter account here:

22 – Mi Lennhag – Lund

Political Scientist @LundUniversity Sweden & freelance journalist.
Focus: Post-Soviet area, Swedish politics, EU, military, corruption.

Tw. followers: 10K, LI followers:  372 , TwiLi index: 10.29

Follow Mi Lennhag’s Twitter account here:

23 – Miguel Sicart – ITU

Associate professor IT university of Copenhagen

Tw. followers: 3185, LI followers: 851, TwiLi index: 10.27

Follow Miguel Sicart’s Twitter account here:

24. Isabelle Augenstein – UCPH

Tenure-track Assistant Professor @CopeNLU @uni_copenhagen. Formerly @uclmr, @SheffieldNLP. AI, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning

Tw. followers: 4968, LI followers: 577, TwiLi index: 10.21

Follow Isabelle Augenstein’s Twitter account here:

25 – Rasmus Elling – UCPH

Iran, Urban Studies, History, Sociology // Associate Professor @uni_copenhagen @UrbanGlobal // Author of ‘Minorities in Iran’, ‘Irans Moderne Historie’

Tw. followers: 2389, LI followers: 1008, TwiLi index: 10.15

Follow Rasmus Elling’s Twitter account here:

26 – Pablo Iván Nikel – DTU

Metabolic engineer @DTUBiosustain, head of @LabNikel, coordinator of @fonia_sin, eager traveler, opera fan, views my own (who else’s?) #SynBio #SysBio

Tw. followers: 1298, LI followers: 1687 TwiLi index: 10.05

Follow Pablo Iván Nikel’s Twitter account here:

27 – Susana Borras – CBS

Professor of #innovation & governance at @CBScph, Denmark. Tweeting about #scipolicy #impact #GlobalEd & on politics. Blogging:

Tw. followers: 1135 , LI followers: 1931, TwiLi index: 10.04

Follow Susana Borras’ Twitter account here:

28 – Ove Christensen – UC Absalon

Educational Researcher #EdResearch @ #PHAbsalon #DesignThinking. #SocialLearning,  #PLC ‘Bildung’ and #SoMe #skolechat #edusocmedia #EdCamp #EdcampDK #sumuDK

Tw. followers: 3143, LI followers: 713, TwiLi index: 9.98

Follow Ove Christensen’s Twitter account here:

29 – Sune Lehmann – DTU

Your friendly neighborhood suneman

Tw. followers: 2464, LI followers: 827, TwiLi index: 9.90

Follow Sune Lehmann’s Twitter account here:

30 – Maja Horst – UCPH

Professor i forskningskommunikation på Københavns Universitet. Følg mig fagligt på engelsk på @MajahorstI

Tw. followers: 1503,  LI followers: 1161 , TwiLi index: 9.74

Follow Maja Horst’s Twitter account here:

31 – Rasmus Corlin Christensen – CBS

PhD Fellow @CBScph | International Political Economy, Taxation, Professions

Tw. followers: 2973, LI followers: 625, TwiLi index: 9.72

Follow Rasmus Corlin Christensen’s Twitter account here:

32 – María Escudero Escribano – UCPH

Assistant Professor of Chemistry @uni_copenhagen, leading @NanoElectrocat. Chair, Danish Electrochem. Soc. Electrochemistry, Catalysis, Energy, Sustainability.

Tw. followers: 1882 , LI followers: 858, TwiLi index: 9.61

Follow Maria Escudero Escribano’s Twitter account here:

33 – Timo Minssen – UCPH

Prof., Director & Founder of @CeBIL_Center, cross-border roamer, Health & Life Science Law + Blues enthusiast #AI #Bio #pharma #HealthLaw #IP #Data #Econ

Tw. followers: 641, LI followers: 2500, TwiLi index: 9.54

Follow Timo Minssen’s Twitter account here:

34 – Stefan K. S-Madsen – CBS

From the terrace to the boardroom and back again I went. Now PhD in sales @CBScph. Millwall, Punk, British style & Liberty.

Tw. followers: 1143, LI followers: 1269 , TwiLi index: 9.49

Follow Stefan K. S-Madsen’s Twitter account here:

35 – Daniela DeBono – Malmö

Lecturer @MalmoUniversity #migration, #asylum #human rights #borders Researcher @EuropeanUni on irregular migration at the southern borders of the EU.

Tw. followers: 979, LI followers: 1465 , TwiLi index: 9.47

Follow Daniela DeBono’s Twitter account here:

36 – Asmus Leth Olsen – GEUS

Professor with special responsibilities in behavioral public administration • University of Copenhagen • #behavioralPA

Tw. followers: 3261 , LI followers: 487  TwiLi index: 9.45

Follow Asmus Leth Olsen’s Twitter account here:

37 – Niels Poulsen – GEUS

PhD. Geologist. CO2 storage. Married & father. Views here my own.

Tw. followers: 689 , LI followers: 2075, TwiLi index: 9.42

Follow Niels Poulsen’s Twitter account here:

38 – Stefania Serafin – AAU

Professor in sonic Interaction design at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. From Venice Italy, living in Copenhagen Denmark.

Tw. followers: 809, LI followers: 1705, TwiLi index: 9.40

Follow Stefania Serafin’s Twitter account here:

39 – Thomas Bandholm – UCPH

#ucph Professor of Clinical Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation @PhysMed_CPH (PMR-C). Author of the PREPARE Trial guide (#openaccess):,

Tw. followers: 2017, LI followers: 688, TwiLi index: 9.38

Follow Thomas Bandholm’s Twitter account here:

40 – Stine Ejsing-Duun – AAU

Associate professor. Design as modes of inquiry. Researches how tech allows us to  transcend ourselves in everyday spaces providing us with new perspetives.

Tw. followers: 973, LI followers: 1368 , TwiLi index: 9.38

Follow Stine Ejsing Duun’s Twitter account here:

41 – Per Mickwitz – Lund

From January 2019 Director & Professor at The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University

Tw. followers: 1467, LI followers: 888, TwiLi index: 9.34

Follow Per Mickwitz’s Twitter account here:

42 – Sílvia Fornós – ITU

#PhD fellow #GameDesign #GBL @ITUkbh @ccgritu Center for Computer Games Research🎮#Multilingual 🌍@EU_H2020 Game making as STEAM learning st

Tw. followers: 883, LI followers: 1427, TwiLi index: 9.30

Follow Silvia Fornós’ Twitter account here:

43 – Sahra-Josephine Hjorth – AAU

Co-founder @Canopy_LAB. Faculty at @SUNordic and @singularityu focusing on the Future of Learning. PhD fellow at Aalborg University.

Tw. followers: 600, LI followers: 2127, TwiLi index: 9.25

Follow Sahra-Josephine Hjorth’s Twitter account here:

44 – Johan Farkas – Malmö

PhD Fellow | Digital media, politics, antagonism, propaganda | @MalmoUniversity | Chair of YECREA | Full texts of my work at

Tw. followers: 1994, LI followers: 623 , TwiLi index: 9.23

Follow Johan Farkas’ Twitter account here:

45 – Balkan Devlen – UCPH

Assoc. Prof. @uni_copenhagen. Leaders, decision-making, foreign policy, security, forecasting/foresight. On the side: political warfare, AI, evolution.

Tw. followers: 1537, LI followers: 776, TwiLi index: 9.21

Follow Balkan Devlen’s Twitter account here:

46 – Leon Derczynski – ITU

Scientist: AI, #nlproc, language. British. Currently at IT University of Copenhagen ⇨ @NLPatITU. Prev: U.Sheffield, 南航, Aarhus U, Иннополис, UC San Diego.

Tw. followers: 2250, LI followers: 540, TwiLi index: 9.17

Follow Leon Derczynski’s Twitter account here:

47 – James Pamment – Lund

Research: strategic communication, diplomacy & counter-influence. Lund University. Tweets ≠ anything

Tw. followers: 1271, LI followers: 876, TwiLi index: 9.14

Follow James Pamment’s Twitter account here:

48 – Kasper Hornbæk – UCPH

Researcher in human-computer interaction @ Uni Copenhagen

Tw. followers: 1117, LI followers: 964, TwiLi index: 9.10

Follow Kasper Hornbæk’s Twitter account here:

49 – Niels Buus Lassen – CBS

PhD Fellow, Predictive Modelling with Social Media data, Copenhagen Business School.

Tw. followers: 780, LI followers: 1365, TwiLi index: 9.07

Follow Niels Buus Larsen’s Twitter account here:

50 – Bent Petersen – UCPH

Associate Professor in computational Biodiscovery at Copenhagen University CEO at @bisonseqtech

Tw. followers: 686 , LI followers: 1548 , TwiLi index: 9.05

Follow Bent Petersen’s Twitter account here:

— Up-and-coming list —

51 – Kristine Samson – Roskilde

urbanist. nomad. theorist. DIY academic. urban design. affective urbanism. activism. artivism. associate professor. performance design. Roskilde University

Tw. followers: 1423 , LI followers: 732, TwiLi index: 9,04

Follow Kristine Samson’s Twitter account here:

52. Leonard Seabrooke – CBS

Professor of International Political Economy at the Copenhagen Business School. Now researching: global tax reform / demographic change / impact of consultants

Tw. followers: 1265 , LI followers: 811, TwiLi index: 9.03

Follow Leonard Seabrooke’s Twitter account here:

53 – Mikkel Jarle Christensen – UCPH

Sociology & criminal law beyond the state. Principal Investigator of #JustSites (funded by @ERC_research), associate professor @iCourts_jur 

Tw. followers: 1219, LI followers: 832, TwiLi index: 9.02

Follow Mikkel Jarle Chr.’s Twitter account here:

54 – Lisbeth Klastrup – ITU

Happy nerd & Digital Culture & Social Media Researcher, IT University, DK. Mostly tweets @ events + research I like.  Writes in both DK and ENG.

Tw. followers: 1622, LI followers: 628, TwiLi index: 8.99

Follow Lisbeth Klastrup’s Twitter account here:

55. Christina Gravert – UCPH

Assistant Professor in Economics at @uni_copenhagen | Founder of @impactually|nudging|behavioral economics | evidence-based policy

Tw. followers: 1233, LI followers: 789, TwiLi index: 8.96

Follow Christina Gravert’s Twitter account here:

56. Mads K. Eberholst – Roskilde

Journalist, lecturer, PhD fellow, social media expert, Roskilde University. Phone +45 297 297 74. GPG-key: 604BC13E

Tw. followers: 909, LI followers: 991, TwiLi index: 8.87

Follow Mads K. Eberholst’s Twitter account here:

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