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Conference communication

Promote, organize and report on your conference via websites, social media accounts, and content


Editor, media studies lecturer, historian of ideas:

I apply advanced editorial skills and techniques to help scientists, companies and interest groups engage international audiences.

I invented, developed, and edited the University Post, an English-language media hub in Copenhagen for students and scientists (2009-2016). It boasted 100,000+ visits a month and thousands of volunteer contributions.

Originally a historian of ideas, I have lectured in the specific field of media studies, and speak regularly on newsroom management, volunteer engagement, and social media.


  • Communicating science to global audiences
  • Boosting the impact of researchers through social media
  • Leading newsroom projects for international institutions and corporations
  • Crowdsourcing journalism and user-generated content
  • Moderating expert panels and debates


Mike did a great job showing PhD students and postdocs from my research school tips and tricks for disseminating their research. He also showed my social media team how to more effectively promote the research school itself. Recommended!

I invited Mike to instruct a virtual workshop ‘Leveraging Twitter’ for postdocs and graduate students at our institute, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. It was very helpful and we learned great tips about networking. For me, the best part was understanding the importance of branding in our field, and how to improve it.

Mike Young Academy was responsible for the social media outreach at the European Conference for Science Journalists. Using a combination of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, with surveys, and volunteer engagement, Mike and his team helped us make the event in Copenhagen a truly interactive experience. Very impressed!

We encourage our researchers to be active on platforms like Twitter and Linkedin. This is to communicate our accomplishments, to foster better research, and to engage with our scientific peers at home and abroad. Mike’s workshop was motivating and inspiring!

A Mike Young Academy course was an opportunity for us to strengthen the impact of our staff and managers. We are now significantly stronger on Twitter and better equipped to use the tool, both to influence decision makers and to enter into dialogue with other professionals.

Mike Young Academy lifted the level of my PhD thesis substantially. Mike and his colleague Christine were easy to work with, and they helped me finish on time with a minimum of stress and a maximum of quality. Their copy-editing and proofreading was excellent, and I am confident that my PhD ended up with the exact academic terminology. Very professional!

Mike was one of three advisors tasked with a concept for a new Copenhagen Business School (CBS) news media. They helped show us the potential of a new media in English that uses social media to build communities, and engage with audiences.

We were fascinated by the way Mike and his team at the University of Copenhagen had set up their communication channels and how they involved students and staff. Our marketing and communication department had just launched a new site and a new magazine, so we invited Mike to do a workshop. He helped us refocus on our priorities, and he energised our news and content team. I recommend Mike Young Academy to any organisation that needs a fresh look at its communication efforts and a boost to its staff and stakeholder engagement.

I have always been impressed with how Mike has helped brands, aims and causes through the set-up and operation of digital newsrooms and platforms, in English, and in Danish. I recommend him to any business or organisation that wants to activate its international employees, activists and customers.

The play ‘A Number’ is about human cloning, and it was performed by That Theatre Company in 2018. Mike Young organised and moderated a debate between experts on the topic of human cloning on the night of the premiére. He did an excellent job in involving the audience and getting them excited about the play, and he helped pack the house for our run of performances.


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