Identify your target audience and set up a routine to reach it

How does your research affect society? Does it address societal challenges or contribute to well-being? This is the question that kicks off my communication workshops for researchers.

Once this is established, it is easier to address further questions: Who is my target audience? Where are they? How do I organize a routine to best communicate my research to them?

My communication workshop offers researchers the space to tackle some necessary, hard questions.

Which communication channels are most likely to reach your audience effectively, and why?

And how will you fit your research communication activities into a weekly schedule?

Twitter for professionals

Image: Esther Vargas, Flickr, creative commons license

You will learn to:

  • Develop personalized systems for monitoring, filtering, and scheduling posts tailored to your specific research interests
  • Engage broader audiences with your research findings
  • Employ recurring communication concepts effectively
  • Enhance your visibility within your own field through the strategic use of social media and your professional social media profiles
  • Broaden the impact and reach of your expertise
  • Manage your online presence so you can focus on your primary research activities

A preliminary questionnaire will identify where your communication efforts are most needed. Using a CustomGPT tool, I will generate a draft communication plan for further development during the workshop, ensuring that you leave with actionable strategies and a personalized research communication plan.

Practical information:

My workshops are tailored to the unique needs of your department or institution, providing individual feedback based on an analysis of your current communication practices.

Pricing example: DKK 10,500 excl. VAT for up to 15 participants (half-day course).

To discuss how this workshop can be adapted to suit your specific requirements, please contact Mike Young:

+45 30 66 31 21

Testimonial: “Mike did a great job showing PhD students and postdocs from my research school tips and tricks for disseminating their research. He also showed my social media team how to more effectively promote the research school itself. Recommended!”

Jessica Green, Administrative coordinator at BioCat – Norwegian Graduate School in Biocatalysis.