Highlight the key issues. Actively involve the audience at your science event

My talks, hosting, and panel moderating engagements are perfect for larger audiences.

Keynote speech: ‘How to help researchers (and help science!) on social media’ at the EUPRIO conference in Vienna 2023.

With my practical and theoretical experience in science communication, I can address the intricate relationship between social media, scientific advances, and societal impact.


Themes for my speaking engagements:

  • Effectively communicate your research, making it accessible to a wider audience, including your potential funders and other scientific collaborators
  • Expand your international network, identify and connect with peers in your field, extend your research community, and foster international collaborations
  • Set up automated systems to keep you updated with the latest in your research area, without being distracted by all the noise
  • Develop techniques to extend your reach and position yourself in your research field
  • Empower scientists to effectively use platforms like LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Bluesky and Mastodon to promote their research and careers.
Mike Young Academy

I highlight the key issues, and actively involve the audience

My presentations are customized for your specific event.

Panel moderator:

As a proven and experienced moderator, I make sure that the key issues are debated, that the audiences are involved, and that the arguments are spelt out.

I ensure that panel discussions are engaging, informative, and inclusive.

My role is to facilitate debates that highlight key issues, actively involve the audience, and clearly articulate the arguments.

Get in touch:

Contact me, Mike Young:

+45 30 66 31 21

Testimonial: “Mike Young organised and moderated a debate between experts on the topic of human cloning. He did an excellent job in involving the audience and getting them excited about the play, and he helped pack the house for our run of performances.”

Ian Burns, Artistic Director of That Theatre Company.