Find the scientists that rock on social media

Who are the most influential scientists at your university? A network analysis will often turn up some surprising answers. And by reaching out to, and involving, these individuals, your university can leverage their impact, visibility, and creativity.

Networks to workMike Young Academy has developed cutting-edge tools to map out your university’s current interlocking social media networks. These tools can unveil the pivotal academics who shape your brand across different research domains.

With this knowledge, your organization can benefit from the creative work of your top academics: This can help turn them into even better assets for your university’s brand. They may, for example, be offered training in a brand ambassadorship programme.

Social audit

The network analysis is what we call a ‘social audit’ and consists of:

  • Initial consultation: We clarify your needs and what we can offer
  • In-depth network analysis: We use our tools to identify your most influential academics on the social media platforms that count
  • Results, presentation, and workshop: We deliver a detailed report of our findings to key communications staff and management.

Our unique service shines a light on the most influential figures within your institution.

Contact me, Mike Young:

+45 30 66 31 21

Testimonial: Our marketing and communication department had just launched a new site and a new magazine, so we invited Mike to do a workshop. He helped us refocus on our priorities, and he energised our news and content team. I recommend Mike Young Academy to any organisation that needs a fresh look at its communication efforts and a boost to its staff and stakeholder engagement.

Lies Feron, Project manager MARCOM, – Vrije Universiteit Brussel