Are you planning a conference or event?

Conferences are about presentations, keynotes, round tables and workshops.

Nowadays, they are also about call outs on social media, hashtags, live updates and user-generated content.

Mike Young Academy can help you promote, carry out, and report on your conference via websites, dedicated social media accounts, and content such as articles, data and pictures.

Mike Young Academy wants to activate all the experts in your field – globally. Key specialists in your field, wherever they are, can become ‘ambassadors’ for your event, promoting it to their peers before, during, and after the event itself.

Mike Young Academy conferenceBefore the conference:

  • Website consulting and content
  • Call outs for participation and papers, community management and outreach
  • Surveys on specific conference topics
  • Social media hashtags, dedicated accounts and pages
  • Articles, profile interviews with keynote speakers

During the conference:

  • Live Twitter updates, moderation of live feeds
  • AMA “ask me anything” crowdsourced Q&A sessions
  • Interviews, videos, live reports
  • Panel moderating, debate hosting

Following the conference

  • Reports to participants and stakeholders

Panel moderating

Do you need a native English-speaking, fluent Danish-speaking moderator? As a proven moderator, Mike Young makes sure that the key issues are debated, that the audiences are involved, and that the arguments are spelt out.

Activating experts and audiences through social media

Mike Young Academy can help you use social media to invite, engage, and activate the experts and audiences before, during and after your event.

Contact me, Mike Young on 30 66 31 21 or on

Testimonial: “Mike Young Academy was responsible for the social media outreach at the European Conference for Science Journalists. Using a combination of Twitter, surveys, and volunteer engagement, Mike and his team helped us make the event in Copenhagen a truly interactive experience. Very impressed!”

Jens Degett, President of European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations (EUSJA)

Testimonial: “Mike Young organised and moderated a debate between experts on the topic of human cloning. He did an excellent job in involving the audience and getting them excited about the play, and he helped pack the house for our run of performances.”

Ian Burns, Artistic Director of That Theatre Company.