Labs on social media: The most followed research departments in the Nordic region

Which research institutions have a good social media presence in the Nordic region?

The people who run the social media accounts for research institutions hardly ever get credit. All the congratulations, all the success stories, and all the bragging rights, accrue to researchers.

This is a shame. And I want to do something about it!

Because research institutions’ social media accounts have a vital role to play in the scientific ecosystem. And the people behind them are often anonymous, hiding behind account names like Helsus, CWS and UiB Ocean.

For many of the institutions on this list, it has taken years to build up their position and following

They lend status and credibility to their institution’s scientists, and they make it easier for new scientists to enter established scientific networks. And through their large followings they take up a central position in disseminating new science.

The nodes on this image are research institutions’ Twitter accounts, the lines signify following. The coloured clusters correspond to the four Nordic countries that have been examined.

Following on from my TwiLi Index of top scientists, I am now releasing a list with top research institutions on Twitter in the Nordic region (minus Iceland). It is only Twitter, I am afraid, as that was the data I could get. I know! Many institutions also have a large LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube presence, but this is what it is right now.

Twitter (or ‘X’) has been given a battering over the last year with the takeover of Elon Musk and his recent changes. But it is still a platform where scientific institutions showcase what their affiliated scientists are working on, boost their scientists’ network, and help spur on collaborative ideas.

For many of the institutions on this list, it has taken years to build up their position and following. They use their Twitter accounts to show what their scientists are doing to funding agencies, get more applicants for researcher positions, and to be a force for positive change by fostering contacts with media, politicians, and the general public.

More importantly, the institutions’ Twitter accounts work as network hubs for the institutions’ own associated scientists, making it easier for individual scientists to find and follow each other, and thereby increasing their own reach.

Unsung heroes

Research institutions’ accounts are sometimes run by a member of staff who has the role as communications officer, center administrator, research assistant, or even student assistant. Sometimes they are run as a curation circle, with scientists taking turns to keep the account active.

I administer an institution’s account, but I lack inspiration and fear looking uninformed. What should I do?

Workshop participant

The people who run the accounts – let us call them ‘the curators’ – are often participants on my social media workshops, and they have given me insight into the challenges that they face.

Curators of institutional social media accounts may, for example, have a different expertise than the research field of their institution. So they have to uphold a regular volume of posts from the account in spite of the fact that their own expertise within the field is limited.

As a curator on one of my workshops put it:

“I administer an institution’s account, but I lack inspiration and fear looking uninformed. What should I do?”

A research coordinator who curates a popular institutional account told me that she  “lacks the scientific knowledge to tweet, and even to assess the value of someone’s tweets to retweet from the institutional account. But I have to do the best I can.”

The people who run the institutional accounts perceive their outsider status, relative to their scientist colleagues, as a disadvantage.

But, I tell them, it can be an advantage!

Less prior knowledge of a specific field means that you have an intuition of when something is hard to understand. You thereby easily become a link between the scientists and their peers, the institution’s stakeholders, and the general public. Apart from this many curators have other specialty skills, sometimes in the field of communication.

So let’s get on with it!

Here below are the top 100 institutions in terms of Twitter following in the Nordic region.

If you are a part of the Nordic science and research community, the institutions (see below) can serve as inspiration for new contacts. Why not follow them?

Are you not on the list? I have almost certainly missed a few active research institutions who have large followings and influence on Twitter. If your institution’s account should be on this list, please email me on An updated list will be released soon thereafter.

I thank my good colleague Lasse Hjort Madsen who helped me extract the raw data for this list!

The top 100 research institutions on Twitter in the Nordic region

Here are the top 100 research institutions in terms of Twitter following in the Nordic region (minus Iceland) The data was collected in May 2023.

Format: Rank / Name of account / Location / Bio on Twitter / Twitter followers / Link to Twitter account.

1 – Statens Serum Inst. – Copenhagen, Denmark

Official account for Statens Serum Institut. Research & news about health topics #sundhed #health & more. No counselling. We can’t guarantee answers to tweets. Tw. followers: 22,069 Follow Statens Serum Inst.´s Twitter account here:

2 – Arctic_Centre – Rovaniemi, Finland

Research institute, Science Centre #Arktikum and science communications. Tweets #ArcticCentre and #Arctic. Tw. followers: 9,131 Follow Arctic_Centre´s Twitter account here:

3 – UppsalaPeaceConflict – Uppsala, Sweden

Department of Peace & Conflict Research @UppsalaUni Research, education, & policy relevance. Home of @UCDP @AlvamyrdalCN and @UURotaryPeace Tw. followers: 8,485 Follow UppsalaPeaceConflict ´s Twitter account here:

Danish institutional accounts are in the light blue cluster. Each node represents an account. An edge represents that one of the accounts follows the other.

4 – DIIS Denmark – Copenhagen

DIIS – Danish Institute for International Studies. We carry out independent research and analysis within globalisation, security and development. Tw. followers: 7,930 Follow DIIS Denmark ´s Twitter account here:

5 – C-REX – Oslo, Norway

Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX): The Extreme Right, Hate Crime, and Political Violence, @UniOslo Tw. followers: 7,807 Follow C-REX ´s Twitter account here:

6 – Kavli Neuroscience – Trondheim, Norway

Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience is a leading centre for 🧠 research aiming to understand the emergence of higher brain functions. Tweets by @Elmkvist Tw. followers: 7,006 Follow Kavli Neuroscience ´s Twitter account here:

7 – iCourts – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen Tw. followers: 5,699 Follow iCourts ´s Twitter account here:

8 – PluriCourts – Oslo, Norway

PluriCourts is a centre of excellence for the study of the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals, at the @UniOslo, Norway. Tw. followers: 4,733 Follow PluriCourts ´s Twitter account here:

9 – MAX IV Laboratory – Lund, Sweden

We make the invisible visible. 🇸🇪 Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Tw. followers: 4,664 Follow MAX IV Laboratory ´s Twitter account here:

10 – CBMR – Copenhagen

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, @koebenhavns_uni

👨‍🔬👩‍💻🧬🧫 Interdisciplinary research into cardiometabolic health and disease” Tw. followers: 4,603 Follow CBMR ´s Twitter account here:

11 – Interacting Minds – Århus, Denmark

“The Interacting Minds Centre (IMC) provides a transdisciplinary platform to study human interaction.
Director: Christine Parsons @ce_parsons” Tw. followers: 4,546 Follow Interacting Minds ´s Twitter account here:

12 – Birkeland Centre – Bergen, Norway

Birkeland Centre for Space Science is a Centre of Excellence at the Univ. of Bergen. The objective of BCSS is to understand how Earth is coupled to space. Tw. followers: 4,526 Follow Birkeland Centre ´s Twitter account here:

13 – Copenhagen Cardiovascular Research Center – Copenhagen, Danmark

Research center focused on register sdys, RCTs, & pharma-epi. adm @Pallisgaard_MD Tw. followers: 4,366 Follow Copenhagen Cardiovascular Research Center ´s Twitter account here:

14 – Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) – Lund and beyond

Bringing together historians of knowledge • Lund University • Tw. followers: 4,212 Follow Lund Centre for the History of Knowledge (LUCK) ´s Twitter account here:

Swedish institutional accounts are well-integrated and are represented by the purple cluster to the lower left

15 – Institute for International Economic Studies – Stockholm University, Sweden

Welcome to the IIES @Stockholm_Uni, one of Europe’s leading institutions for research in economics. Tw. followers: 4,066 Follow Institute for International Economic Studies ´s Twitter account here:

16 – HELSUS – Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science. The mission: sustainability transformations of societies. #HELSUS #HelsinkiSustainability @HelsinkiUni Tw. followers: 3,952 Follow HELSUS ´s Twitter account here:

17 – UiB Ocean – Bergen, Norge

We are the #SDG14 Hub @ImpactUN and SDG14 Cluster Lead for @IAU_AIU. 🐟⚓️🌊 #OceanDecade #OceanLiteracy #SaveOurOcean Tw. followers: 3,904 Follow UiB Ocean ´s Twitter account here:

18 – CMI Bergen – Bergen, Norway

Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) is an independent centre for research on international development and policy. Tw. followers: 3,896 Follow CMI Bergen ´s Twitter account here:

19 – CMEC – University of Copenhagen

We are the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate (CMEC). Follow for news on research, events and daily life @Globe_UCPH 🌎 Tweets in ENG+DAN 🐦 Tw. followers: 3,887 Follow CMEC ´s Twitter account here:

20 – Centre for Development and the Environment – Sandakerv. 130, Oslo, Norway

SUM is a dynamic, international research centre at the @UniOslo with broad expertise within social and environmental sustainability. Tw. followers: 3,830 Follow SUM – Centre for Development and the Environment ´s Twitter account here:

21 – The ECG – Arhus, Denmark / Cambridge, UK

The Embodied Computation Group @cfin_au & @psychiatry_ucam is a multidisciplinary lab investigating brain-body dynamics and interoception, led by @micahgallen. Tw. followers: 3,694 Follow The ECG ´s Twitter account here:

22 – CWS – War Studies – Odense, Danmark

Center for War Studies at SDU: We deliver an MSc in Int’l Security and Law Tw. followers: 3,513 Follow CWS – War Studies ´s Twitter account here:

23 – UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre – Copenhagen, Denmark

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre (formerly the UNEP DTU Partnership) is a leading advisory institution on energy, climate and sustainable development. Tw. followers: 3,474 Follow UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre ´s Twitter account here:

24 – Center for Militære Studier – Copenhagen, Denmark

Center for Militære Studier er et forskningscenter på KU / Centre for Military Studies is a research centre based at University of Copenhagen. RT ≠ endorsement. Tw. followers: 3,408 Follow Center for Militære Studier ´s Twitter account here:

25 – SUDA – Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm University Demography Unit, Department of Sociology, @Sociologi_SU @Stockholm_uni. Stockholms universitets demografiska avdelning, SUDA. Tw. followers: 3,386 Follow SUDA ´s Twitter account here:

26 – DTU Biosustain – Capital Region, Denmark

DTU Biosustain at the Technical University of Denmark develops cell factories, which can convert biomass into valuable biochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Tw. followers: 3,267 Follow DTU Biosustain ´s Twitter account here:

27 – HiLIFE_Helsinki – Helsinki, Finland

HiLIFE Helsinki Institute of Life Science @helsinkiuni is a leading life science research institute in Nordics with @BIOTECH_UH, @UH_Neuro and @FIMM_UH as units Tw. followers: 3,258 Follow HiLIFE_Helsinki ´s Twitter account here:

28 – Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) – Oslo, Norway

Initiative at the University of Oslo to strengthen research and teaching in the environmental humanities. Tw. followers: 3,135 Follow Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) ´s Twitter account here:

29 – FangGroup – Oslo, Norway

A research group located in The University of Oslo on healthy aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Coordinating NO-Age and NO-AD networks Tw. followers: 3,020 Follow FangGroup ´s Twitter account here:

30 – Sahlgrenska Academy – Gothenburg, Sweden

Research and education in medicine, dentistry, pharmacology and health and care sciences. Tw. followers: 3,001 Follow Sahlgrenska Academy ´s Twitter account here:

31 – LUCSUS_LU – Lund, Sweden

LUCSUS @lunduniversity produces world class #sustainability research, teaching and impact that contribute to solving global environmental change challenges. Tw. followers: 2,934 Follow LUCSUS_LU ´s Twitter account here:

32 – KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory – Stockholm, Sweden

The EHL is a part of the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. We have been Undisciplining Environmental Humanities since 2011. Tw. followers: 2,901 Follow KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory ´s Twitter account here:

33 – Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen – Denmark

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen er Skandinaviens største diabeteshospital inden for behandling, klinisk forskning, sundhedsfremmeforskning og uddannelse. Tw. followers: 2,890 Follow Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen ´s Twitter account here:

34 – #ENVHUMMONTH – Environment and Society – Helsinki, Finland

#envhum #envhummonth #environment&society Tw. followers: 2,863 Follow #ENVHUMMONTH – Environment and Society ´s Twitter account here:

35 – reNEW – Copenhagen, Denmark

The twitter account of The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine, reNEW Tw. followers: 2,841 Follow reNEW ´s Twitter account here:

36 – FIMM HelsinkiUni – Helsinki, Finland

Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland FIMM in the University of Helsinki – Suomen molekyylilääketieteen instituutti (FIMM), Helsingin yliopisto Tw. followers: 2,828 Follow FIMM HelsinkiUni ´s Twitter account here:

37 – NanoESC Lab – Barcelona and Copenhagen

NanoElectrocatalysis & Sustainable Chemistry Lab led by @MariaEscEsc. Tailored interfaces and nanomaterials for renewable energy, fuels and chemicals. @icn2nano Tw. followers: 2,790 Follow NanoESC Lab ´s Twitter account here:

38 – NaturalHistoryDK – Copenhagen, Denmark

“News and stories from the museum tweeted by the museum’s communications department ✍️
#parkmuseerne” Tw. followers: 2,675 Follow NaturalHistoryDK ´s Twitter account here:

39 – Dept. of Economics, Stockholm University – Stockholm, Sweden

Department of Economics, Stockholm University Tw. followers: 2,671 Follow Dept. of Economics, Stockholm University ´s Twitter account here:

40 – Kilden kjø – Norway

Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter for kjønnsperspektiver og kjønnsbalanse i #forskning. Vårt nyhetsmagasin er med i Fagpressen. English: @genderresearch Tw. followers: 2,616 Follow Kilden kjø ´s Twitter account here:

41 – Bioacoustics AU – Aarhus University, Denmark

We study the sensory physiology & behavioural ecology of animals with focus on bioacoustics. Lead by Prof Peter T Madsen @ZoophysiologyAU @NatSci_AU @AarhusUni Tw. followers: 2,607 Follow Bioacoustics AU ´s Twitter account here:

42 – CPRatUCPH – Copenhagen, Denmark

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at UCPH promotes basic & applied discovery research on human proteins of medical relevance. Tw. followers: 2,550 Follow CPRatUCPH ´s Twitter account here:

43 – CoAStAL NLP – Copenhagen, Denmark

Research collective at University of Copenhagen interested in all things NLP and a ton of things not NLP. Tw. followers: 2,508 Follow CoAStAL NLP ´s Twitter account here:

44 – Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies – Aarhus, Denmark

The Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies @AarhusUni supports free and independent research from all scientific disciplines for scholars from across the world. Tw. followers: 2,449 Follow Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies ´s Twitter account here:

45 – Sociologi SU – Stockholm, Sweden

Department of Sociology, @Stockholm_uni. Home of @SUDA_Sthlm Tw. followers: 2,433 Follow Sociologi SU ´s Twitter account here:

46   OsloAnthropology – Oslo, Norway

Department of Social Anthropology, @UniOslo. Our researchers study society and culture through extensive, ethnographic fieldwork. Tw. followers: 2,413 Follow OsloAnthropology ´s Twitter account here:

47 – Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science – CSS, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) is an interdisciplinary research center at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Tw. followers: 2,382 Follow Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science ´s Twitter account here:

48 – UI Research – Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) is an independent institute and a platform for research and analysis. For Swedish: @UISweden Tw. followers: 2,374 Follow UI Research ´s Twitter account here:

49 – Nordicom – Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Nordicom, centrum för nordisk medieforskning vid Göteborgs universitet.
Nordicom, centre for Nordic media research at the University of Gothenburg.” Tw. followers: 2,353 Follow Nordicom ´s Twitter account here:

50 – Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences – Ås, Norway

Updates on #development, #InternationalRelations and the #environment from @UniNMBU’s Department of International Environment and Development Studies. Tw. followers: 2,334 Follow Noragric, Norwegian University of Life Sciences ´s Twitter account here:

51 – Aleksanteri Institute – University of Helsinki, Finland

Aleksanteri Institute – Finnish Centre for Russian, Eurasian and Eastern European Studies. Tw. followers: 2,332 Follow Aleksanteri Institute ´s Twitter account here:

52 – Umeå Epidemiology and Global Health – Umeå, Sweden

“Centre for global health 🫶 spanning health in Scandinavia and the world 🌍 Climate, infections, social determinants, NCDs all matter!
Hosting @GlobalHealthAct” Tw. followers: 2,306 Follow Umeå Epidemiology and Global Health ´s Twitter account here:

53 – Department of Government, Uppsala University – Uppsala, Sweden

Department of Government, @UppsalaUni @UU_University. Political Science Research & Education. Est. 1622. Home of @SkyttePrize. #400yearsPolSciUppsala Tw. followers: 2,301 Follow Department of Government, Uppsala University ´s Twitter account here:

Research institutions in Norway are clustered together in the green and purple/blue to the right.

54 – The Techno-Anthropology Lab – Copenhagen, Danmark

Computational humanities at AAU Copenhagen. Tw. followers: 2,292 Follow The Techno-Anthropology Lab ´s Twitter account here:

55 – SCEEUS – Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Centre for Eastern European Studies (SCEEUS) at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs @UISweden @ResearchUI Tw. followers: 2,275 Follow SCEEUS ´s Twitter account here:

56 – Skogforsk – Uppsala, Sweden

Skogforsk är det svenska skogsbrukets forskningsinstitut, finansierat av skogsnäringen och staten. Vi forskar för ett hållbart skogsbruk. Tw. followers: 2,265 Follow Skogforsk ´s Twitter account here:

57 – High North Center – Bodø, Norway

“National center for research, education and dialogue about business, politics and increased activities in the High North.
#HNC” Tw. followers: 2,263 Follow High North Center ´s Twitter account here:

58 – PMR-C – Amager-Hvidovre Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Research – Copenhagen (PMR-C) @AmagerHvidovre | Excellence | Integrity | Transparency | Diversity | Kindness Tw. followers: 2,240 Follow PMR-C ´s Twitter account here:

59 – NORCE – Norway

“#Forskning og #innovasjon innen #energi #helse #klima #miljø #samfunn #teknologi.
#Research: #Energy #Health #Climate #Environment #SocialScience #Technology.” Tw. followers: 2,232 Follow NORCE ´s Twitter account here:

60 – Constructive Institute – Aarhus, Denmark

An independent institute that lies at the heart of the constructive journalism movement. Tw. followers: 2,158 Follow Constructive Institute ´s Twitter account here:

61 – AU CEH – Aarhus, Denmark

The Centre for Environmental Humanities at Aarhus University: Re-engaging the environment by connecting scholars and catalysing research. Tw. followers: 2,123 Follow AU CEH ´s Twitter account here:

62 – Uppsala Antibiotic Center – Uppsala, Sweden

Research, education & innovation on #Antibiotics & #AntibioticResistance with a multidisciplinary approach at @UU_University. Producing #theAMRstudio! Tw. followers: 2,103 Follow Uppsala Antibiotic Center ´s Twitter account here:

63 – Misum – Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets – Stockholm, Sweden

Misum is a multidisciplinary social science research center at the Stockholm School of Economics – research-based solutions for sustainable development. Tw. followers: 2,096 Follow Misum – Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets ´s Twitter account here:

64 – DEEP at Stockholm University – Stockholm, Sweden

Join us on our quest to understand more about Biodiversity and the Planet. The Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences @Stockholm_Uni. Tw. followers: 2,067 Follow DEEP at Stockholm University ´s Twitter account here:

65 – CEMUS – Uppsala, Sweden

CEMUS is a university center at @uppsalauni & @_SLU Our student-led education and outreach activities including research collaborations focus on sustainability. Tw. followers: 2,057 Follow CEMUS ´s Twitter account here:

66 – Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy – Odense, Denmark

🔬 Our mission is to foster early-career research talent in #diabetes and #endocrinology 👉 #DDEA 🤝 Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation Tw. followers: 2,050 Follow Danish Diabetes and Endocrine Academy ´s Twitter account here:

67 – Technologies in Practice – Copenhagen, Denmark

Research Group & Teaching @ITUkbh. #STS, #Anthro, #HCI & #CSCW. Digital technologies’ mediation of work practices & everyday life. Tweets by @kaisirlin Tw. followers: 2,042 Follow Technologies in Practice ´s Twitter account here:

68 – Analytical Sociology – Norrköping, Sweden

The Institute for Analytical Sociology (IAS) at Linköping University conducts big-data influenced research on important social, political, and cultural matters. Tw. followers: 2,040 Follow Analytical Sociology ´s Twitter account here:

69 – DEMOS – Aalborg, Denmark

DEMOS (Democracy, Migration, and Society) is a research group, which focuses on the study of democracy from an interdisciplinary perspective. Tw. followers: 2,027 Follow DEMOS ´s Twitter account here:

70 – The Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research (COPE) – multidisciplinary & cross-institutional disaster & climate research centre hosted at @uni_copenhagen Tw. followers: 2,018 Follow The Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research ´s Twitter account here:

71 – The Institute – Lund, Sweden

The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University in Sweden. Advancing Sustainable Solutions! Tw. followers: 1,964 Follow The Institute ´s Twitter account here:

72 – Lund Vision Group – Lund, Sweden

Internationally recognized cluster of seven research labs in visual ecology and neuroethology at Lund University, Sweden. Feed admin @Anna_Honkanen Tw. followers: 1,941 Follow Lund Vision Group ´s Twitter account here:

73 –  DIKU – Department of Computer Science, UCPH – Copenhagen, Danmark

Computing for a better future💻 Denmark’s first and best ranked Computer Science department🥇 We tweet about the newest research, events, and vacancies. Tw. followers: 1,933 Follow DIKU – Department of Computer Science, UCPH ´s Twitter account here:

74 – Lund University School of Economics and Management – Lund, Sweden

A world-class business school – and more. Working to understand, explain, and improve our world and the human condition. We are #LUSEM (Ekonomihögskolan). Tw. followers: 1,926 Follow Lund University School of Economics and Management ´s Twitter account here:

75 – Rousk Lab – Lund, Sweden

We study the #ecology of #soil #microbes, how #communities depend on & respond to their #environment & run global #biogeochemistry; part of @MicroBioGeo_LU Tw. followers: 1,913 Follow Rousk Lab ´s Twitter account here:

76 – DTU Bioengineering – Lyngby-Taarbæk, Danmark

DTU Bioengineering adresses important social and scientific challenges within biotechnology, biomedicine, food technology and human and animal health. Tw. followers: 1,907 Follow DTU Bioengineering ´s Twitter account here:

77 –  SustainUCPH – Copenhagen, Denmark

The Sustainability Science Centre, University of Copenhagen. Creating an integrated scientific community ready to engage in societal debate. #SustainTalk #ucph Tw. followers: 1,904 Follow SustainUCPH ´s Twitter account here:

78 – Wenkel Lab – UPSC, Umeå University, Sweden

Here tweets Stephan Wenkel, the PI of the microProtein lab at the Umeå Plant Science Centre, Sweden. Opinions are my own. Tw. followers: 1,899 Follow Wenkel Lab ´s Twitter account here:

My dataset did not include that many Finnish institutions. They are represented by red dots, mostly towards the left.

79 – Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) – Turku, Finland

International interidisciplinary research institute in Economics, Education, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences based at the University of Turku. Tw. followers: 1,898 Follow Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) ´s Twitter account here:

80 – NordGen – Alnarp, Sweden

NordGen is the Nordic countries’ genebank and knowledge center for genetic resources. Tweets mostly in English but sometimes in Swedish. Tw. followers: 1,887 Follow NordGen ´s Twitter account here:

81 – The Posthumanities Hub – Linköping, Sweden

Postconventional transdisciplinary research group: humanities/natural sciences/technology/society/art Tw. followers: 1,886 Follow The Posthumanities Hub ´s Twitter account here:

82 – ETHOS Lab – Copenhagen, Denmark

ETHOS Lab is an experimental space for students and faculty at The IT University of Copenhagen. A methods lab exploring data landscapes in contemporary society. Tw. followers: 1,880 Follow ETHOS Lab ´s Twitter account here:

83 – BIOCHANGE – Aarhus, Denmark

BIOCHANGE – Center for Biodiversity Dynamics in a Changing World headed by Center Director @JCSvenning @AarhusUni, Denmark Tw. followers: 1,864 Follow BIOCHANGE ´s Twitter account here:

84 – Jørgensen Group – Aarhus, Denmark

Research group based in Aarhus. Asymmetric organocatalysis. Student run account. Tw. followers: 1,863 Follow Jørgensen Group ´s Twitter account here:

85 – DTU Compute – Tech. University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

DTU Compute is an internationally unique academic environment spanning the scientific disciplines mathematics, statistics, computer science, and engineering. Tw. followers: 1,859 Follow DTU Compute ´s Twitter account here:

86 – NO-Age and NO-AD Joint Venture – Oslo, Norway

Scientists and clinicians from the Norwegian Center on Healthy Ageing (NO-Age) and the Norwegian National anti-Alzheimer´s Disease (NO-AD) networks Tw. followers: 1,848 Follow NO-Age and NO-AD Joint Venture ´s Twitter account here:

87 – Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting – University of Bergen, Norway

BCEPS is an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to understand and promote ethically fair and efficient priority setting in national health systems. Tw. followers: 1,838 Follow Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting ´s Twitter account here:

88 – Teknologisk Institut – Taastrup, Denmark

Teknologi til gavn for virksomheder, samfund og mennesker. Adm af Kommunikation – Fang os på mobil 7220 1066 Privatlivspolitik: Tw. followers: 1,822 Follow Teknologisk Institut ´s Twitter account here:

89 – Institute of Biotechnology (BI) – Univ. of Helsinki, Finland

Our mission is to advance fundamental discoveries in biosciences to benefit people and the environment @HiLIFE_helsinki @helsinkiuni Tw. followers: 1,801 Follow Institute of Biotechnology (BI) ´s Twitter account here:

90 – SASNET – Lund, Sverige

SASNET at Lund University, Sweden is an interdisciplinary network for the promotion of research, education, and information about South Asia. Tw. followers: 1,788 Follow SASNET ´s Twitter account here:

91 – EnvHumNTNU – Trondheim, Norway

We are the Environmental Humanities research group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Tw. followers: 1,758 Follow EnvHumNTNU ´s Twitter account here:

92 – Sport and Health Sciences (SHS) – Odense, Danmark

Follow news on Sport and Health from our research group at University of Southern Denmark, led by Professor Peter Krustrup Tw. followers: 1,750 Follow Sport and Health Sciences (SHS) ´s Twitter account here:

93 – LawTransform – CMI & Univ. of Bergen, Norway

Centre on Law & Social Transformation. Joint initiative by @cmi_no and @UiB (@uibjus @UiBsamfunn @UiB_Gov). We research law as an instrument of social change. Tw. followers: 1,737 Follow LawTransform ´s Twitter account here:

94 – Water @ Uppsala Uni – Uppsala, Sweden

Water research @UU_University from Hydrology and Environmental Analysis research disciplines at the Department of Earth Sciences. Tw. followers: 1,730 Follow Water @ Uppsala Uni ´s Twitter account here:

95 – The Lab of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis – Oslo, Norway

Jan Terje Andersen, professor Tw. followers: 1,717 Follow The Lab of Adaptive Immunity and Homeostasis ´s Twitter account here:

96 – CECS Copenhagen Law – Copenhagen, Denmark

Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies (CECS), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Tw. followers: 1,714 Follow CECS Copenhagen Law ´s Twitter account here:

97 – PlantLink – Alnarp-Lund, Sweden

PlantLink is a strategic alliance between Lund University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences to strengthen plant research in Southern Sweden. Tw. followers: 1,687 Follow PlantLink ´s Twitter account here:

98 – CCEEL – Joensuu, Finland

The Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL) is a platform for research and education at @UEFLawShool at @UniEastFinland. Tw. followers: 1,663 Follow CCEEL ´s Twitter account here:

99 – Institut for Idræt og Ernæring – Københavns Universitet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Uni. of Copenhagen / Institut for Idræt og Ernæring, Kbh. Uni. Ny viden om Idræt, fys. akt, ernæring – og sundhed. Tw. followers: 1,660 Follow Institut for Idræt og Ernæring ´s Twitter account here:

100 – Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

CCBS is engaged in understanding contemporary processes that impact the manner in which Buddhism is practiced and understood today. Tw. followers: 1,658 Follow Centre for Contemporary Buddhist Studies ´s Twitter account here:

101 – EastGRIP Camp – Greenland

EastGRIP is an international science station on the Greenland ice sheet (76N 36W), led by @uni_copenhagen. We drill deep into the ice to understand past climate Tw. followers: 1,635 Follow EastGRIP Camp ´s Twitter account here:

102 – IFRO – Department of Food and Resource Economics – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

We tweet about research within the fields of #environment, #naturalresources, #globaldevelopment, #food, #agriculture, #consumption, #bioethics, and #governance Tw. followers: 1,628 Follow IFRO – Department of Food and Resource Economics ´s Twitter account here:

103 – Department of Comparative Politics, UiB – Bergen, Norway

“Sampol • Institutt for sammenliknende politikk • @UiB
Comparative Politics – Political Science – University of Bergen
➡️” Tw. followers: 1,595 Follow Department of Comparative Politics, UiB ´s Twitter account here:

104 – Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin – Universitetet i Bergen, Norway

Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin/Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care at University of Bergen Tw. followers: 1,589 Follow Institutt for global helse og samfunnsmedisin ´s Twitter account here:

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