Scientists in Denmark – the top 100 on social media in 2020

Who is acing it on the networking sites in the land of Bohr, Holberg and Lehmann?

Research impact is a notoriously difficult thing to measure. The h-index  measures the productivity and citation impact of a scholar: but this index does not take things like education, funding and outreach activities into account.

A Danish physicist, a playwright and historian, and a geologist. OK, so Ludvig Holberg was also Norwegian. (Underlying image: Carsten Wiehe, CC license)

And what about the social media impact of a researcher? My own TwiLi Index offers a measure of it.

After releasing the index for the Greater Copenhagen/Øresund region last week, I now release the index for Denmark.

My TwiLi Index – pronounced like ‘twilight’ without the ‘t’ at the end – ranks academic scholars affiliated to research institutions using a simple, reproducible formula based on their follower numbers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter and LinkedIn are the platforms of choice for researchers and scientists, as they allow networking and interaction with niche audiences throughout the world in highly specialized fields.

You can read about the methodology of the index here.

The index for Denmark and the index for the Greater Copenhagen area partially overlap.

Note that the Greater Copenhagen/Øresund regional index is not a subset of the index for Denmark, as it also includes researchers from the Swedish side of the region. This can be illustrated by the map on the left.

Since I launched the first index, for the Greater Copenhagen / Øresund area in 2019, it has been reviewed in several publications. Some point to its usefulness as one of many measures of researcher success that supplement bibliometric scores, citations, and educational activities.

As can be seen when you browse down the names on the index (below) it is an ‘index for Denmark’ but not a ‘Danish’ index. International scholars are extremely well represented on the top 100.

The Denmark index uses exactly the same methodology as the Greater Copenhagen/Øresund index for 2019 and 2020. In future indices, I plan to include measures of engagement in the algorithm.

Many scientists use social media to communicate their own research and network with other scientists. The platforms extend their reach, let them discuss research with international peers, and serve as a catalyst for inspiration in the research process. Scientists and researchers are often supported in this by university institutions as they each strive to improve their own brand among stakeholders, other scientists and institutions, and the wider public.

If you are a part of the Danish science and research community, my ranking (see below) can serve as inspiration for new contacts. After all, these scientists clearly know what they are doing, at least in terms of social media!

Are you not on the list? This is the first time I try to map out the social media field of scientists and researchers in Denmark. It is partly based on manually extracted data (see methodology here) and I may have missed a few active scientists and researchers who have large followings. If you know someone who should be on this list, (maybe you!), please write below in the comments, or write to Updated, final, 2020 rankings will be released at the end of September 2020.

The 2020 TwiLi Index for Denmark

Here are the top 100 scientists in Denmark on social media as ranked on my TwiLi index! The data was collected August 2020.

Oh yes! You would like to read about the methodology of the TwiLi Index here!

1 – Alf Rehn – SDU

Professor of innovation, design, and management. In addition a writer, speechifier, and popular culture geek.Tw. followers: 63612, LI followers: 9082, TwiLi index: 19.01

Follow Alf Rehn’s Twitter account here:

2 – Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz – DTU

Assoc. Prof at DTU Health (Denmark), #StemCellBioengineering #FlexibleMaterials #FlecoIonics #TissueEngineering #Biomaterials #Cyborganics# Tw. followers: 4804, LI followers: 26452, TwiLi index: 16.28

Follow Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz’s Twitter account here:

3 – Finn Tarp – UCPH

Danish Professor of Development Economics at @uni_copenhagen🇩🇰, coordinator of @DERG_DK and former Director of @UNUWIDER🇺🇳 (2009-2018). #DERGDK Tw. followers: 27156, LI followers: 2929, TwiLi index: 15.37

Follow Finn Tarp’s Twitter account here:

4 – James Rogers – SDU

DIAS Assistant Professor in War Studies | Fellow @LSEIDEAS | Special Adviser @APPGDrones | Historian | #TEDx Speaker | Presenter @HistoryHit | Agent @PFDAgents Tw. followers: 10586, LI followers: 3638, TwiLi index: 14.33

Follow James Rogers’ Twitter account here:

5 – Marcel Bogers – UCPH

#OpenInnovation; Professor @uni_copenhagen; @GarwoodCenter #Fellow @BerkeleyHaas; @webofscience #HighlyCited2019; PhD @EPFL; MSc @TUeindhoven — RT≠endorsement Tw. followers: 9433, LI followers: 3953, TwiLi index: 14.30

Follow Marcel Bogers’s Twitter account here:

6 – Flemming Besenbacher – Aarhus

Tweets for @Carlsbergfondet on how research, education & innovation can contribute to sustainable growth. Contact: Kirstine Rasmussen, Tw. followers: 4590, LI followers: 7988, TwiLi index: 14.29

Follow Flemming Besenbacher’s Twitter account here:

7 – Kristian Thorborg – UCPH

Professor of Orthopedic and Sports PT Copenhagen University #ucph Tw. followers: 15800, LI followers: 1901, TwiLi index: 13.77

Follow Kristian Thorborg’s Twitter account here:

8 – Behrooz Adineh – AAU

Phd Student in Semnan, Iran. Guest Phd student in Aalborg University, Denmark. Tw. followers: 2460, LI followers: 11152, TwiLi index: 13.72

Follow Behrooz Adineh’s Twitter account here:

9 – Diego F. Aranha – Aarhus

Associate Professor of Computer Science @AarhusUni in 🇩🇰. I cannot save the day, but I can surely save you some cycles! Tw. followers: 8226, LI followers: 3160, TwiLi index: 13.70

Follow Diego F. Aranha’s Twitter account here:

10 – Nicolai Foss – CBS

Management Professor, Scribbler Tw. followers: 3173, LI followers: 5650, TwiLi index: 13.14

Follow Nicolai Foss’ Twitter account here:

11 – Marlene Wind – UCPH

Professor in European Politics and Law, Director of CEP (Centre of European Politics). Prof at iCourts, Centre of Excellence for international Courts. Tw. followers: 8111, LI followers: 2201, TwiLi index: 13.07

Follow Marlene Wind’s Twitter account here:

12 – Martin Brynskov – Aarhus

Passionate, state-certified techno-skeptic/-addict. Gauging the digital, from ripples to tsunamis @AarhusUni @OASCities @SyncCityIoT @NGIoT4eu @score_nsr Tw. followers: 2956, LI followers: 5380, TwiLi index: 12.95

Follow Martin Brynskov’s Twitter account here:

13 – Henning Langberg – UCPH

Direktør InnovationPLUS @Rigshospitalet – vi har noget at tilbyde verden. Professor KU. Foredrag om innovation ☎️ 26127913, ♥️@FCBarca Tw. followers: 2024, LI followers: 8044, TwiLi index: 12.91

Follow Henning Langberg’s Twitter account here:

14 – Jesper Juul – KADK

Video game theorist. Author of Handmade Pixels: Independent Video Games and the Quest for Authenticity. Tw. followers: 7576, LI followers: 2059, TwiLi index: 12.86

Follow Jesper Juul’s Twitter account here:

15 – Jens-Christian Svenning – Aarhus

Ecologist w strong interest in global #biodiversity patterns & dynamics, ecosystem #restoration & #rewilding, human-nature interrelations, and #remotesensing Tw. followers: 4855, LI followers: 2458, TwiLi index: 12.50

Follow Jens-Christian Svenning’s Twitter account here:

16 – Pernille Bærendtsen – CBS

PhD Fellow @cbscph | MA African Studies | fmr journalist & dev. worker | ♡ #Balkans #Africa | Part of @EveryHumanTZ @globalvoices @thekangabook @timbuktufonden Tw. followers: 7761, LI followers: 1555, TwiLi index: 12,42

Follow Pernille Bærendtsen’s Twitter account here:

17 – Filip Wallberg – SDU

Journalistisk lektor, @SyddanskUniv. Står bl.a. bag: @deviralenyheder, @journalistpip og @politikerpip. Tlf 2440 1522. Fokus på #dkmedier, #smdk og #somedkTw. followers: 5196, LI followers: 1610, TwiLi index: 12.38

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18 – Brian Vad Mathiesen – AAUcph

Professor of #SmartEnergySystems + 100% #RenewableEnergy #SDG7|Prog Director MSc #SustainableCities|@HeatRoadmapEU @ReInvestEU @4DHresearch|Own opinions Tw. followers: 5645, LI followers: 1936, TwiLi index: 12.33

Follow Brian Vad Mathiesen’s Twitter account here:

19 – Carsten Rahbek – UCPH

Professor & Director of Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Univer of Copenhagen. I tweet on #nature, #biodiversity, #climatechange, #SDG & #science Tw. followers: 5196, LI followers: 1864, TwiLi index: 12.15

Follow Carsten Rahbek’s Twitter account here:

20 – Sune Auken – UCPH

#Genre researcher, cheerleader, content accumulator, daily reminder, Grundtvig scholar. Pastor’s wife. #ClimateChange. #Presidementia #RAK #Præstekone Tw. followers: 15200, LI followers: 792, TwiLi index: 12.13

Follow Sune Auken’s Twitter account here:

21 – Kai Hockerts – CBS

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship, Copenhagen Business School (CBS) Tw. followers: 1843, LI followers: 5162, TwiLi index: 12.13

Follow Kai Hockerts’ Twitter account here:

22 – Rebecca Adler-Nissen – UCPH

Professor of Political Science • International Relations in Theory and Practice • EU • Diplomacy • Digital Technologies • Social Media @CPH_SODAS @KuSamf Tw. followers: 6030, LI followers: 1591, TwiLi index: 12.11

Follow Rebecca Adler-Nissen’s Twitter account here:

23 – Ravinder Kaur – UCPH

New Book: Brand New Nation (Stanford, Aug 2020) Tw. followers: 1739, LI followers: 5132, TwiLi index: 12.02

Follow Ravinder Kaur’s Twitter account here:

24 – David Budtz Pedersen – AAUcph

Professor of Science Communication (mso), Humanomics Research Centre, Aalborg University. Tweets abt #scipolicy #scicomm and #impact of Research and Technology Tw. followers: 3116, LI followers: 2761, TwiLi index: 12.02

Follow David Budtz Pedersen’s Twitter account here:

25 – Thomas Ryberg – AAU

Professor, Aalborg University – interested in networked learning and emerging technologies Tw. followers: 4523, LI followers: 1940, TwiLi index: 12.02

Follow Thomas Ryberg’s Twitter account here:

26 – Roslyn Layton – AAUcph

Evidence-based Tech Policy. Aalborg University Copenhagen. @ChinaTechThreat. Strand Consult. Tw. followers: 2695, LI followers: 2976, TwiLi index: 11.91

Follow Roslyn Layton’s Twitter account here:

27 – Lars L. Andersen – National Research Centre for the Working Environment

Professor | Pain | Healthy Ageing | Work Environment | SeniorWorkingLife | Exercise Physiology | Strength Training | Speaks 🇺🇸 🇪🇸 🇩🇰 | Views are my own Tw. followers: 2827, LI followers: 2592, TwiLi index: 11.78

Follow Lars L. Andersen’s Twitter account here:

28 – Mikkel Flyverbom – CBS

Author of ‘The Digital Prism’, shortlisted for Academy of Management Book Award, 2020. Professor and Academic Director at Copenhagen Business School +4538153375 Tw. followers: 1749, LI followers: 4231, TwiLi index: 11.76

Follow Mikkel Flyverbom’s Twitter account here:

29 – Akos T. Kovacs – DTU

DTU Professor at DTU Bioengineering – Bacterial Biofilms, Laboratory Evolution, Sociomicrobiology, Bacteria-Fungi interaction; Senior Editor of ‘Biofilm’ (gold #OA) Tw. followers: 7373, LI followers: 983, TwiLi index: 11.58

Follow Akos T. Kovacs’ Twitter account here:

30 – Rasmus Elling – UCPH

Iran, History, Sociology // Assoc. Prof. @uni_copenhagen @UrbanGlobal // Author, ‘Minorities in Iran’, ‘Irans Moderne Historie’; Tw. followers: 6691, LI followers: 1056, TwiLi index: 11.57

Follow Rasmus Elling’s Twitter account here:

31 – Barbara Plank – ITU

Associate Professor in Natural Language Processing (NLP), ITU, Denmark #NLProc Tw. followers: 4057, LI followers: 1583, TwiLi index: 11.55

Follow Barbara Plank’s Twitter account here:

32 – Katherine Richardson – UCPH

Prof. in Biol. Oceanography, Leader Sustainability Science Centre, Univ. Copenhagen Tw. followers: 1875, LI followers: 3328, TwiLi index: 11.53

Follow Katherine Richardson’s Twitter account here:

33 – Morten Sodemann – SDU

Professor of Global & migrant health, Senior Consultant Infect Diseases. Health systems research, Equity, social determinants,globalhealth Tw. followers: 6445, LI followers: 1046, TwiLi index: 11.51

Follow Morten Sodemann’s Twitter account here:

34 – Stine Johansen – Aarhus

Lektor, ph.d. i børns medier ved @AarhusUni. Formand for Medierådet for Børn og Unge. Tw. followers: 3889, LI followers: 1574, TwiLi index: 11.48

Follow Stine Johansen’s Twitter account here:

35 – Kresten Lindorff-Larsen – UCPH

Protein and coffee lover, professor of biophysics and sudo scientist at the #LinderstrømLang Centre for Protein Science @uni_copenhagen 🇩🇰 #PRISM #BRAINSTRUC Tw. followers: 3093, LI followers: 1933, TwiLi index: 11.47

Follow Kresten Lindorff-Larsen’s Twitter account here:

36 – Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard – UCPH

Professor of Political Science, newspaper columnist & wanna-be Prince of Darkness Tw. followers: 3606, LI followers: 1672, TwiLi index: 11.47

Follow Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard’s Twitter account here:

37 – Andreas Wieland – CBS

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management @CBScph, read my blog:, views here don’t reflect CBS #Resilience #SupplyChainManagement Tw. followers: 1171, LI followers: 5432, TwiLi index: 11.46

Follow Andreas Wieland’s Twitter account here:

38 – Tara Ballav Adhikari – Aarhus

PhD Fellow @AarhusUni | Tweets on #GlobalHealth • #NCDs • #COPD • #LungHealth • #CHWs • #Nepal | SG Member @HIFA_org • Assoc.Editor @BMC_Series #PublicHealth Tw. followers: 2457, LI followers: 2371, TwiLi index: 11.44

Follow Tara Ballav Adhikari’s Twitter account here:

39 – Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen – UCPH

Tweets about a world in the making – in English as well as på dansk. Dean of Faculty of Social Science at University of Copenhagen. RTs not endorsements Tw. followers: 3156, LI followers: 1754, TwiLi index: 11.35

Follow Mikkel Vedby Rasmussen’s Twitter account here:

40 – Michael Svarer – Aarhus

// Tw. followers: 2150, LI followers: 2418, TwiLi index: 11.28

Follow Michael Svarer’s Twitter account here:

41 – Christian Bueger – UCPH

Professor of International Relations, research on #maritimesecurity, #bluecrime, #piracy, #practicetheory, #mauritiusoilspill @safeseas1 Tw. followers: 1427, LI followers: 3611, TwiLi index: 11.23

Follow Christian Bueger’s Twitter account here:

42 – Didde Elnif – SDU

PhD student and Journalistic lecturer at @cfjsdu: Talk to me about digital journalism & public spheres. Tw. followers: 4341, LI followers: 1208, TwiLi index: 11.21

Follow Didde Elnif ‘s Twitter account here:

43 – Cristina Legido-Quigley – Steno

Scientist 👩🏻🔬 @StenoDiabetes @KingsCollegeLon #Metabolomics #Lipidomics 🧠brain & liver health 🔎molecular data #dementia #diabetes T2DM✨personal views Tw. followers: 2871, LI followers: 1612, TwiLi index: 11.09

Follow Cristina Legido-Quigley’s Twitter account here:

44 – Carlos Henríquez Olguin – UCPH

Ph.D., PostDoc at Section of Molecular Physiology- NEXS, University of Copenhagen| #Myotwitter #CellBiology #ExerciseMetabolism #InsulinAction #RedoxSignaling | Tw. followers: 1972, LI followers: 2292 , TwiLi index: 11.07

Follow Carlos Henríquez Olguin’s Twitter account here:

45 – Pedro Oliveira – CBS

Professor mso Copenhagen Business School @CBScph| Gulbenkian Chair Professor Nova School of Business & Economics @FCGulbenkian @NovaSBE| Founder @PatientInnov Tw. followers: 973 , LI followers: 4860 , TwiLi index: 11.02

Follow Pedro Oliveira’s Twitter account here:

46 – Ewa Roos – SDU

Professor of Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy @FOF_research. Focus on prevention and treatment of joint injury and osteoarthritis. Tw. followers: 4702, LI followers: 990, TwiLi index: 11.00

Follow Ewa Roos’ Twitter account here:

47 – Rune Møller Stahl – UCPH

Postdoc in Political Science at Copenhagen Uni. Reseaching Inequality, democracy and capitalism. Bylines at @informeren and @jacobinmag. Tw. followers: 3645, LI followers: 1194, TwiLi index: 10.96

Follow Rune Møller Stahl’s Twitter account here:

48 – Andreas Lieberoth – Aarhus

Assistant professor @AarhusUni asking questions about how tech affects behavior, work and play 👾📊🧪🧠. Psychology, experiments, mixed methods. Has opinions. Tw. followers: 3209, LI followers: 1263, TwiLi index: 10.88

Follow Andreas Lieberoth’s Twitter account here:

49 – Peter Dalsgaard – Aarhus

“Professor of Interaction Design @AarhusUni and Director of @CreativityAU. I explore the design and use of IT from a humanistic perspective.” Tw. followers: 2741, LI followers: 1426, TwiLi index: 10.85

Follow Peter Dalsgaard’s Twitter account here:

50 – Pablo Iván Nikel – DTU

Metabolic engineer @DTUBiosustain · Head @LabNikel · Coordinator @fonia_sin · @F1000 board · Eager #traveler, #opera fan · Views my own (who else’s?) #SynBio Tw. followers: 1894, LI followers: 1968, TwiLi index: 10.80

Follow Pablo Iván Nikel’s Twitter account here:

51 – María Escudero Escribano – UCPH

Assistant Professor @uni_copenhagen, leading @NanoElectrocat. Co-PI @HEAcatalysis. Chair @DanECSoc. Electrochemistry, Energy, Sustainability. Diversity. She/her Tw. followers: 2728, LI followers: 1346, TwiLi index: 10.76

Follow María Escudero Escribano’s Twitter account here:

52 – Bo Abrahamsen – SDU

Professor& endocrinologist. Osteoporosis. Musculoskeletal Epidemiology. Aviation. Expect replies in English. Check with your doctor if you have health concerns. Tw. followers: 3177, LI followers: 1161, TwiLi index: 10.74

Follow Bo Abrahamsen’s Twitter account here:

53 – Isabelle Augenstein – UCPH

Associate Professor @CopeNLU @uni_copenhagen. Formerly @ucl_nlp, @SheffieldNLP. AI, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Tw. followers: 6530 , LI followers: 623, TwiLi index: 10.67

Follow Isabelle Augenstein’s Twitter account here:

54 – Carl-Johan Dalgaard – UCPH

Professor of economics at the University of Copenhagen. Chairman of the Danish Economic Councils (“overvismand”). Tw. followers: 2817, LI followers: 1218, TwiLi index: 10.65

Follow Carl-Johan Dalgaard’s Twitter account here:

55 – Sebastian Risi – ITU

Research: AI, Neuroevolution, Artificial Life, Hybrid Intelligence, ML, Games, Robots. Associate Professor, ITU Copenhagen. Co-founder of Tw. followers: 3838, LI followers: 923, TwiLi index: 10.63

Follow Sebastian Risi’s Twitter account here:

56 – Stefano Ponte – CBS

Prof of IPE @CBScph | Director @cbdsCBS | Author of Business, Power and Sustainability | GlobalValueChains | Africa | Biz & Development | personal views Tw. followers: 2074 , LI followers: 1599 , TwiLi index: 10.63

Follow Stefano Ponte’s Twitter account here:

57 – Petar Popovski – AAU

Professor in Connectivity. Interested in how to process information and how information processes us. And in politics. Tw. followers: 698, LI followers: 5331, TwiLi index: 10.60

Follow Petar Popovski’s Twitter account here:

58 – Anders Perner – UCPH

“Clinical professor Intensive Care Rigshospitalet UCPH Trialist Collaboration for Research in Intensive Care – CRIC PI #6S #TRISS #CLASSIC trials #sepsis #ICU” Tw. followers: 2853 , LI followers: 1151, TwiLi index: 10.58

Follow Anders Perner’s Twitter account here:

59 – Michael Bang Petersen – Aarhus

Professor of Political Science & director of The Politics and Evolution Lab. Doing research on the evolutionary psychology of politics. Tw. followers: 5827, LI followers: 639, TwiLi index: 10.57

Follow Michael Bang Petersen’s Twitter account here:

60 – Roberto Flore – DTU

Manager of DTU SKYLAB FOODLAB / I have a vision and i’m on a journey / Hands-on future of food, Food-tech, innovation and sustainability. SDG champion Tw. followers: 1679, LI followers: 1882 , TwiLi index: 10.56

Follow Roberto Flore’s Twitter account here:

61 – Roland Hachmann – UCS

UCS 🧠 Ass. Prof., Ph.D. | 🌎 Socioculturalist | 💡 #Learning #Technology #ComputationalThinking #Design #Transfer #Education | 📞+45 72665025 | 📧 Tw. followers: 998, LI followers: 3087, TwiLi index: 10.47

Follow Roland Hachmann’s Twitter account here:

62 – Miguel Sicart – ITU

play scholar, among other things. He/Him Tw. followers: 3408, LI followers: 915, TwiLi index: 10.47

Follow Miguel Sicart’s Twitter account here:

63 – Rikke Toft Nørgård – Aarhus

AssProf in @AarhusUni, steeringgroup @HigherEdFutures, boardmember @Pathes_Society, researching educational futures & humanistic tech.practice Tw. followers: 1996, LI followers: 1474, TwiLi index: 10.46

Follow Rikke Toft Nørgård’s Twitter account here:

64 – Frederik Hjorth – UCPH

TT assistant professor at #polscicph @uni_copenhagen • @CPH_SODAS hangaround • @DigDemLab fellow • dad • occasional tweets in Danish Tw. followers: 3236, LI followers: 945, TwiLi index: 10.45

Follow Frederik Hjorth’s Twitter account here:

65 – Anja C. Andersen – UCPH

Niels Bohr Institute Tw. followers: 1508, LI followers: 1931, TwiLi index: 10.45

Follow Anja C. Andersen’s Twitter account here:

66 – Marin Jovanovic – CBS

Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School @CBScph Research on #digitaltransformation #businessmodels #AI #platforms #ecosystems Tw. followers: 969, LI followers: 3131, TwiLi index: 10.44

Follow Marin Jovanovic’s Twitter account here:

67 – Sune Lehmann – DTU

Your friendly neighborhood suneman Tw. followers: 2942, LI followers: 1005 , TwiLi index: 10.42

Follow Sune Lehmann’s Twitter account here:

68 – Jacob Taarup-Esbensen – UCC

Associate Professor, PhD, at University College Copenhagen. Specialised in Business continuity and risk management with a keen interest in the Arctic. Tw. followers: 3121, LI followers: 943, TwiLi index: 10.40

Follow Jacob Taarup-Esbensen’s Twitter account here:

69 – Michael Christiansen – Aarhus

“Professor, chief physician. #genomics, #cardiac #psychiatry, #fetal #publichealth Statens Serum Institut & Copenhagen University. Tweets are mine and only mine.” Tw. followers: 3193, LI followers: 915, TwiLi index: 10.38

Follow Michael Christiansen’s Twitter account here:

70 – Luke Patey -DIIS

Author of ‘How China Loses’ & ‘The New Kings of Crude’. Senior researcher @diisdk & @OxfordEnergy. Tw. followers: 2378, LI followers: 1143, TwiLi index: 10.33

Follow Luke Patey ‘s Twitter account here:

71 – Andreas Rasche – CBS

#Professor at Copenhagen Business School @CBScph @cbsCSR I Visiting Professor Stockholm School of Economics @handels_sse @misum_sse I #CSR #sustainability Tw. followers: 1093, LI followers: 2448, TwiLi index: 10.30

Follow Andreas Rasche’s Twitter account here:

72 – Abubakar Isa Adamu – DTU

Research Scientist- Tryin to see somethin I cannot find (d other way around is also correct)#Nanotechnology• PhD Candidate•Freelance writer• Messing with Poetry Tw. followers: 4880, LI followers: 618, TwiLi index: 10.30

Follow Abubakar Isa Adamu’s Twitter account here:

73 – Susana Borras – CBS

Professor of #innovation & governance at @CBScph, Denmark. Tweeting about #scipolicy #impact #GlobalEd & on politics. Blogging: Tw. followers: 1251, LI followers: 2009, TwiLi index: 10.23

Follow Susana Borras’ Twitter account here:

74 – Michael Linden-Vørnle – DTU

Astrophysicist and Chief Adviser at the National Space Institute in Denmark. My main interests are cosmology, astrobiology, satellite infrastructure and drones. Tw. followers: 1449, LI followers: 1715, TwiLi index: 10.23

Follow Michael Linden-Vørnle’s Twitter account here:

75 – Timo Minssen – UCPH

Innovation Law Prof. @uni_copenhagen @lunduniversity, @CeBIL_Center Director, X-officio Advisor, Dad & Blues🎸 #AI #Bio #pharma #HealthLaw #IP #Data #Regulation Tw. followers: 769 , LI followers: 3437, TwiLi index: 10.21

Follow Timo Minssen’s Twitter account here:

76 – Henrik Ullum – UCPH

Formand for LVS, professor ved Københavns Universitet, far til fire, kaffenyder og cykeltosse. Brænder for sundhedsvæsnet og sundhedsforskning. Tw. followers: 2376, LI followers: 1051, TwiLi index: 10.20

Follow Henrik Ullum’s Twitter account here:

77 – Maja Horst – UCPH/DTU

“Professor i ansvarlig teknologi på DTU og i forskningskommunikation på Københavns Universitet. Følg mig fagligt på engelsk på @MajahorstI” Tw. followers: 1817, LI followers: 1337, TwiLi index: 10.19

Follow Maja Horst’s Twitter account here:

78 – Poul Nissen – Aarhus

Prof. protein biochemistry @AarhusUni, opinions are my own. Structural neurobiology, chemist. Tweets in Danish and English on science, nature, politics etc.Tw. followers: 2150, LI followers: 1128, TwiLi index: 10.18

Follow Poul Nissen’s Twitter account here:

79 – Asmus Leth Olsen – UCPH

Professor (MSO) in behavioral public administration • University of Copenhagen • #behavioralPA • Tw. followers: 4285, LI followers: 629, TwiLi index: 10.17

Follow Asmus Leth Olsen’s Twitter account here:

80 – Henrik Breitenbauch – UCPH

Military Studies/Uni Copenhagen and Atlantic Council. On strategy, security, and social sciences. For freedom, books, and cats. Tw. followers: 1929, LI followers: 1241, TwiLi index: 10.17

Follow Henrik Breitenbauch’s Twitter account here:

81 – Jason Box – GEUS

ice climatologist at Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, contemplating Greenland, Arctic and global climate issues. Views here my own. 🙂 Tw. followers: 18242, LI followers: 241, TwiLi index: 10.17

Follow Jason Box’ Twitter account here:

82 – Helle Malmvig – DIIS

Senior Researcher @DIISDk, columnist @Weekendavisen, @SOAS alumna, Middle East international politics, Levant, visual art, humour & resistance Tw. followers: 2286, LI followers: 1059, TwiLi index: 10.16

Follow Helle Malmvig’s Twitter account here:

83 – Felix Riede – Aarhus

Evolutionary archaeologist at-large interested in cultural transmission, environmental/computational archaeology and pizza. @ERC_Research CoG PI @ERC_CLIOARCH Tw. followers: 2533, LI followers: 954, TwiLi index: 10.15

Follow Felix Riede’s Twitter account here:

84 – Ruth Mottram – DMI

“Climate scientist and glaciologist @dmidk, working on Greenland, Arctic and Antarctic climate and ice 🇪🇺 🇩🇰 🇬🇧 Views my own but freely shared.” Tw. followers: 8133, LI followers: 388, TwiLi index: 10.13

Follow Ruth Mottram’s Twitter account here:

85 – Rasmus Corlin Christensen – CBS

Political economist @CBScph, research associate @ICTDtax, researching international taxation and professions Tw. followers: 3569, LI followers: 695, TwiLi index: 10.10

Follow Rasmus Corlin Christensen’s Twitter account here:

86 – Jonas Geldmann – Aarhus

Nature conservationist working on citizen science & protected area effectiveness at @Macroecology and with WCPA. Also tweeting about 🇩🇰 & 🌍 environ policy Tw. followers: 1994, LI followers: 1112, TwiLi index: 10.06

Follow Jonas Geldmann’s Twitter account here:

87 – Mikael Rask Madsen – UCPH

Professor of law and Director of iCourts, Centre of Excellence for International Courts, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen Tw. followers: 1617, LI followers: 1354, TwiLi index: 10.05

Follow Mikael Rask Madsen’s Twitter account here:

88 – Christina Gravert – UCPH

Assistant Professor in Economics at @uni_copenhagen & @CEBI_UCPH | Co-Founder of @impactually | nudging | behavioral economics | evidence-based policy Tw. followers: 1927, LI followers: 1129, TwiLi index: 10.03

Follow Christina Gravert’s Twitter account here:

89 – Ove Christensen – PH Absalon

Historian of Ideas. Educational Researcher and teacher educator @ #PHAbsalon #SocialLearning, #EdResearch #PLC ‘Bildung’ and #SoMe #skolechat #EdCamp #EdcampDK Tw. followers: 3160, LI followers: 732, TwiLi index: 10.03

Follow Ove Christensen’s Twitter account here:

90 – Natalie Schluter – ITU

“#NoJusticeNoPeace Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain, and Associate Professor at IT University, Copenhagen” Tw. followers: 3443, LI followers: 673, TwiLi index: 10.01

Follow Natalie Schluter’s Twitter account here:

91 – Aske Kammer – DIS

DMJH Docent in Media Innovation at @dmjx. I research the intersection of (news) media work, technology, and business. Current working on the datafied news industry. Tw. followers: 2987, LI followers: 740, TwiLi index: 9.98

Follow Aske Kammer’s Twitter account here:

92 – Holger Sandte – DIS

Economist | Lecturer at DIS Copenhagen | European with a 🇩🇪 passport living in 🇩🇰. RT = Read This. Like means like or bookmark. Tw. followers: 2081, LI followers: 994, TwiLi index: 9.95

Follow Holger Sandte’s Twitter account here:

93 – Carmelo Cennamo – CBS

Professor @CBScph | Director Digital Markets Competition Forum | Platform economy, Platform markets, Ecosystems, Digital transformation, Competition Tw. followers: 1137 , LI followers: 1749 , TwiLi index: 9.91

Follow Carmelo Cennamo’s Twitter account here:

94 – Stefania Serafin – AAUcph

Professor and mom; sonic Interaction design, VR/AR and Tw. followers: 1000, LI followers: 1980, TwiLi index: 9.89

Follow Stefania Serafin’s Twitter account here:

95 – Niels Brügger – Aarhus

Internet research, web history, media studies, Digital Humanities. Professor, Aarhus University, in Media studies. Managing Ed of Internet Histories Tw. followers: 2291, LI followers: 863, TwiLi index: 9.87

Follow Niels Brügger’s Twitter account here:

96 – Lone Koefoed Hansen – Aarhus

associate prof in digital art & design @AarhusUni. Feminist mind and curious brain. Editor of @AUforsker. Eng+Danish. When in doubt, assume good faith. She/her. Tw. followers: 3893, LI followers: 555, TwiLi index: 9.86

Follow Lone Koefoed Hansen’s Twitter account here:

97 – Helle Rabøl Hansen – Aarhus

Cand. jur. P.hd. Postdoc/DPU. Tilknyttet NO!SE. Tw. followers: 665, LI followers: 3092, TwiLi index: 9.86

Follow Helle Rabøl Hansen’s Twitter account here:

98 – Bertil F. Dorch – SDU

Astrophysicist, Library Director and Associate Professor @ SDU, sci fi nerd, karate-do, former President of the Danish Research Library Association (2014-2020) Tw. followers: 995, LI followers: 1901, TwiLi index: 9.83

Follow Bertil F. Dorch’s Twitter account here:

99 – Theresa Scavenius – AAU

PhD, forsker i klimapolitik og demokrati på AAU. Foredragsholder og klimaformidler. Tw. followers: 1481, LI followers: 1236, TwiLi index: 9.81

Follow Theresa Scavenius’ Twitter account here:

100 – Stine Ejsing-Duun – AAU

Associate professor. Design as modes of inquiry. Design thinking in education. Computational thinking. Gender & Tech. Play. Games. Creativity. Tinkering. Tw. followers: 1090, LI followers: 1667, TwiLi index: 9.79

Follow Stine Ejsing-Duun’s Twitter account here:

101 – Andreas Roepstorff – Aarhus

Professor, Aarhus University. See also @interact_minds centre and my Danish tweets @androrff Tw. followers: 1962, LI followers: 931, TwiLi index: 9.78

Follow Andreas Roepstorff’s Twitter account here:

102 – Jeremy Morris – Aarhus

I write ethnographically about Russia and other things. Безродный космополит и разночинец. Associate Prof. Global Studies @AarhusUni. Tw. followers: 2344, LI followers: 780, TwiLi index: 9.75

Follow Jeremy Morris’ Twitter account here:

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