Expert networks: Mike Young Academy to work with China think tank

I am proud to announce that Mike Young Academy is offering its services to, a Danish think tank., which is based at the University of Copenhagen, brings together the expertise of all those in Denmark that have a strategic interest in China.

Chinese Opera. is based at the University of Copenhagen is based at the University of Copenhagen. Photo: Creative Commons license by IQ remix

It makes sense that should be teaming up with Mike Young Academy: The think tank, which operates on a minimum of staff, is essentially a hub for a larger external network of experts on China who form working groups and do policy papers and workshops. So the think tank can potentially make gains in impact and reach by optimizing its website, social media strategy and community building efforts.

Mike Young Academy is helping with ideas and new routines to get Denmark’s broad range of China experts in private corporations and public institutions more involved.’s network of experts are already active in working groups with different focuses (including: politics, economics and business, green growth, and health), as well as a series of round table meetings. With help from Mike Young Academy,’s experts can help disseminate their published work more widely via the ThinkChina hub and social media platforms.

Mike Young Academy has analysed web data at to find out what needs to be done. And it has offered advice to the think tank on:

  • The use of aggregators for news surveillance
  • Call-out mechanisms
  • Improving social media reach on Twitter and on specialized niche networks
  • Syndicating content from, and to, other media

Most of our new initiatives have not been implemented yet, but I invite you to follow on Twitter: where new events will be posted. The website is here.

You can follow on facebook here.

Mike Young Academy  is a consultancy specialized in digital and social media, community building, and English/Danish communication for companies and causes.  By using our ‘networks to work’ concept, staff, customers, students and outside experts can become brand ambassadors for your company or cause.

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