Workshop for communications staff and management

Get your readers, partners and customers to do all the creative work!

We call it crowdsourcing. Getting the readers themselves to deliver the creative content for your digital platforms. It could be a survey where the anonymized responses lead to new surveys and in-depth articles. Instagram contests where readers send in photos. Bulletins from staff out in the field. Or scientists taking turns to post on a laboratory’s Twitter account with insights from their own fieldwork.

Networks to workThe possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that staff, stakeholders and customers are activated and deliver stories, photo and data to your media platforms.

For communications professionals, crowdsourcing can be a way of increasing readership, activating your best staff, partners and customers, and showing authenticity and credibility. It can also cut costs, as less investment is needed in hired reporting, photography and analysis.

Prior to the Network Analysis workshop, Mike Young Academy will map out your current social media and other media networks. Who are the most influential staff, customers and scientists in your network? The network map will often turn up some surprising answers.

At the workshop we will then, together, work out how to crowdsource content from staff, partners and customers. Like the marketing and communications unit of the Free University of Brussels did:

Our marketing and communication department had just launched a new site and a new magazine, so we invited Mike to do a workshop. He helped us refocus on our priorities, and he energised our news and content team. I recommend Mike Young Academy to any organisation that needs a fresh look at its communication efforts and a boost to its staff and stakeholder engagement.

Lies Feron, Project manager MARCOM, – Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Are you a university or research institution?

  • Improve your ranking and brand, and showcase your own researchers in international networks. Mike Young Academy can help universities and research institutions to build and maintain a community of scientists and students across fields and departments and integrate them into an international science and student community.

Are you a company?

  • Boost your staff and customer loyalty – and cut costs. Mike Young Academy can help companies find and share the good stories, talent and experience across business units and international company offices.

Are you an interest group, advocacy group or lobbyist?

  • Strengthen the recognition and impact of your arguments and policies. Mike Young Academy can strengthen interest groups’ message and impact both at home and abroad.

The network analysis and workshop

The network analysis workshop consists of:

  • An introductory meeting with you and your company
  • An in-depth analysis of your platforms and stakeholders
  • A one-day workshop, custom made for you and other company communications professionals

You will take home new templates, a list of influential stakeholders who you can turn into ‘brand ambassadors’, tips and ideas for journalistic concepts and ideas, tips on how to run good editorial meetings, and tips on how to get your partners, staff and stakeholders activated in producing content.

You also take home a 10-page guideline responding specifically to your needs.

Let us get your networks to work!

Contact me, Mike Young on 30 66 31 21 or on for a no-obligation price quote.