Twitter for professionals

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Be a social media influencer! Course in Twitter for communicators, researchers and experts

Are your newsletters opened and your posts shared? Can your organisation reach all its friends and followers at home and abroad? Do all your customers and colleagues turn up at all your events? If you say ‘yes’ to the above, your organisation is in social media heaven and there is no reason to change. If you, like most, are forced to say ‘no’ to one of the above, you and your organisation may benefit from the strategic use of Twitter in your communication efforts.

This course can help you with this. It is an introduction to the art of tracking and sharing in a way that boosts personal and company following on Twitter, on other less well-known channels, and in the use of social media management tools.

Twitter is ideal for crowdsourcing content from global audiences within specific interest areas or niches. This course will show you how to use Twitter to get clients, partners and stakeholders, at home and abroad, delivering content to you, and willingly sharing, and engaging with you on Twitter, and other social media platforms within your specific field.

The aim is to make you a bigger social media ‘influencer’ and increase the standing and presence of you and your company or department.

The course will introduce participants to the finding, producing and sharing of content on Twitter and other platforms that cater to niche audiences:

Mike Young Academy's Twitter account Copenhagen research

Twitter is ideal for niche interests.

Finding. How to:

  • Set up personalized, automated systems to monitor and filter news for specific research areas.
  • Integrate social media into face-to-face events and conferences

Producing. How to:

  • Engage others in your own research
  • Crowdsource content for specific projects
  • Think in recurring social media concepts
  • Use the right hashtags, and gain authority in connection with specific events

Sharing. How to:

  • Use Twitter to extend the reach and definition of your own expertise area
  • Use Reddit and other specialist social media networks to define yourself as the expert
  • Schedule tweets for optimal timing, so you can concentrate on other things

Practicalities: The Twitter course is an afternoon course in either English or Danish. It can be modified to fit your company’s needs. If agreed, I can give individual feedback based on a prior analysis of participants accounts, campaigns and efforts.

Contact me, Mike Young on 30 66 31 21 or on for a no-obligation price quote.