Copy editing and proofreading of dissertations, papers and websites by experienced editors and native English-speaking academics

You have the English-language content – but it just doesn’t sound like an American or Brit would write it. Your text is finished, but it fails to engage the reader from the outset. These are typical problems with texts that haven’t been through a proofreading or copy editing process.

I, Mike Young, have extensive experience in editing and journalism, and have trained many others in copy-editing methods. I can see the mistakes right away, and retrieve the engaging narrative that is buried beneath your text.

I offer proofreading and/or copy editing of:

  • Academic papers and publications
  • Websites
  • Policy statements and documents

… and any other text that is in need of a check-up.

Mike Young Academy proofreading

Native English editors

If you are on a short deadline Mike Young Academy also has immediate access to a team of trained native English-speaking copy-editors and proofreaders that can deliver quality copy – on time.

Proofreading and copy-editing is done in Microsoft Word, and you will receive two documents. One where you can see all the changes/comments, and one where the changes have been implemented.

Let me know if you prefer the document delivered to you in another format.


Mike Young Academy calculates a price offer and an expected time of delivery based on a sample of the text.  The price offer includes corrections of your sample, so you can see how it will be edited.

Lower, reduced rates for larger assignments such as dissertations, theses and project descriptions.

Urgent proofreading needed

Mike Young Academy can proofread and copy-edit on a short deadline. Just ask!

Student discount

Mike Young Academy offers a discount to students enrolled at Danish universities. We can do this because we can activate a large network of native English-speaking former student reporters and copy editors on the University Post news site. They can proofread and copy-edit your paper or dissertation at student rates.

Get a no-obligation price quote

Send an e-mail to and I will send you a no-obligation price quote.

In your e-mail, include the number of words in the text, the deadline, and a 1-page sample from the text.