Course in journalism for staff, stakeholders, interns and volunteers. How do you find, report and share news?

Many company websites, newsletters or social media platforms are, at best, operated by one or two members of staff, or operated by hired external communication consultants and freelance journalists.

But companies and organisations have hidden talent in the form of committed staff and partners who would love to try their hand now and again as a writer and reporter.

The Mike Young Academy ‘Journalism for non-journalists’ course is a one-day introduction to finding and writing news stories for staff, tailored to fit your company or organization,

The course will introduce participants to the following topics:

  • What is news? Where does the news come from?
  • What is a good ‘news’ story in your specific organisation?
  • News values
  • Genres for reporting
  • The basic template for news – introduction
  • Multiple story angles and opportunities at each event
  • Exercise: News event. Finding the angles
  • How to write efficiently
Course for journalists

Several hundred young reporters at the University of Copenhagen have been through a Mike Young Academy course

All participants will receive a 10-page guideline to reporting news in your organization. This guideline can be used and amended for future members of the reporting team.

Start reporting!

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