How to keep track of news in your own scientific field

…or, how to make your own research field visible to others by acting like a news editor and finding the good stuff to share on LinkedIn and Twitter.

As a specialised professional you have many reasons to follow, like, and …

Editorial independence for newsrooms – the risks and the rewards

Paying for reporters to ask you critical questions sounds downright crazy. 

But this is exactly what many institutions, universities, interest groups, and causes do. Even some corporations do it, loosening the strict hold on their communication and allowing a degree …

Networks to work

English-language news in a non-English speaking country – why it makes sense

The adoption of English, even for domestic units in institutions or corporations, is a logical step. Especially for in-house newsrooms.

Many large corporations, research facilities and universities have English-language newsrooms or news hubs for both in-house and external news. A …

Twitter and Facebook campaign

Hvad virker bedst til konferencer: Facebook eller Twitter?

De to platforme, Twitter og Facebook, blev testet i en kampagne op til en stor europæisk konference for journalister. Danske læsere vil måske blive overrasket over resultatet

For de fleste privatpersoner er opslag på Facebook og Twitter gratis. Men mange …