Kursus på Københavns Universitet: Twitter og LinkedIn for forskere

Er du forsker på Københavns Universitet? Jeg afholder kurset ’Boost your research career with Twitter and LinkedIn’ til efteråret 2019. Meld dig til, eller sig det videre!

Kurset er for forskere og kommunikationsfolk, der gerne vil forøge deres rækkevidde og …

Big news in small countries – international journalists at work in Denmark

What is it like to work as an international journalist in a Danish media environment? And how can international journalism skills be applied to jobs in strategic communication, marketing, and niche news services?

Three top international journalists will discuss this, …

Marcel Bogers

Innovation professor: I am a Twitter hub for others’ research

For Professor Marcel Bogers, his tweets are intertwined with his work and career

With more than 8,600 followers on last count, he is only one tweet away from getting thousands of people to spread the word about his own new …

Ia Kochiashvili

Astrophysicist is now a cybersecurity analyst (and on LinkedIn)

Ia Kochiashvili did her PhD research monitoring the remotest galaxies of the Universe. Now she monitors computer networks.

A few years ago I spent a day at the Dark Cosmology Centre at the University of Copenhagen for a feature in

Ian Burns and Rasmus Mortensen

So … someone secretly made a clone of you. Now what?

How would you feel if you found out someone had deliberately duplicated your genes and made exact copies of you?

Would you be flattered (the more of me, the merrier!) Disturbed? (My unique value hinges upon me only being one.) …

social network graph

The strength of weak ties – why researchers use Twitter and LinkedIn

Why do your best opportunities come from your more distant contacts rather than your close friends? If you are a scientist and know the answer to this, the chances are that you use Twitter and LinkedIn.

Think of the job …

Overskrift, sensation

Clickbait! Overskrifternes dynamik i en Twitter-tidsalder

Zahle’s Gymnasium i København bad mig lave en interaktiv workshop om overskrifter. Vi havde det sjovt. Men der var også alvor bag. At skrive overskrifter, der ‘klistrer’, så folk ‘klikker’ på en overskrift har altid været en kunst. Men…
Maria biological experiments

143,000 people have seen Maria’s biological experiments

Over the course of three years she reached an audience of do-it-yourself biology enthusiasts in 162 countries. This is the story behind her story. But it is also a story about how a niche interest can reach a global audience