Communication strategies for websites and social media platforms.

Mike Young Academy wants to strengthen your global community of staff, stakeholders and customers.

Staff, customers and volunteers, wherever they are, will show commitment to your cause, and deliver engaging, shareable content to your websites and social media platforms if you just give them the opportunity.

This gives your websites and platforms traffic, reach, and authenticity. It creates loyalty to your brand, and a sense of identity across the different units of your company. It helps foster commitment to your cause across your specialties, functions and country offices.

Mike Young Academy can offer:

  • An introductory, no-obligation meeting to discuss your company’s needs.
  • A pre-analysis of your present communication channels. This will include, for example, an analysis of your web analytics and search data to find out new opportunities.
  • Consulting and feedback on SEO (search engine optimization), profiling on social media, current newsletters, pages. Set up of new channels and pages.
  • Formulation of a comprehensive new communication strategy document for all your media channels and social media platforms.

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